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Message to all National Delegates headed to Tampa...

Dear National Delegates,

Stop being led around by the nose. Please.

You KNOW Mitt Romney is NOT a Conservative Republican. He admitted it himself in News Interviews.
" The only thing I have in common with Republicans is my voter registration card. " - Mitt Romney

You KNOW Mitt Romney is nothing more than a public relations shill for Wall Street banks whom he supported tax payer funded Bail-Outs for. The same Wall Street banks that then hoarded all of that money instead of using it to free up credit as was the agreement. The same Wall Street banks that are now funding BOTH Mitt Romney and President Obama's campaigns. Goldman-Sachs and AIG are two of the banks that received the largest amounts of the bail out money and both of them are among the top contributors to the Obama/Romney campaigns.

You KNOW that Mitt Romney openly supports the Communist Policies being enacted by Obama and our government.

Indefinite Detention ( Was booed in national debate for supporting it )
Socialized Medicine ( Enacted Romneycare in Massachusetts, the blueprint that Obamacare is built on )
Domestic Spying ( A major tenant as laid out in the Communist Manifesto )
The merging of the government with the financial sector ( $740 Billion tax payer funded Bail-Out )

You KNOW that I'm not making this stuff up about Mitt Romney and you KNOW that none of these things listed above that are attributed to Mitt Romney are false. So why are you going to let the RNC/GOP turn our Republican CONVENTION into a Romney CORONATION? Why are you letting the party leadership decide for you and all of America who our Republican Presidential Nominee should be? I thought that was YOUR job?

You are supposed to go there, listen to all the speeches of ALL the candidates and decide for YOURSELVES who the nominee who best represents the Republican Party should be.

Well...does Mitt Romney really represent what the Republican Party, what Conservative Americans , stand for?

The answer is NO. No Republican should believe that the government or the military should have the power to arrest American citizens for whatever reason they want, or no reason at all....detain that person indefinitely and even torture them if they feel it's warranted. All without access to legal council. I mean...come on...that's right out of the Communist Playbook for crying out loud. We have more than 4 million dead American soldiers who gave their lives fighting all around the world to STOP the spread of those kinds of government ideals and our own government here at home adopts it....and the GOP is ENDORSING IT?!? When did this become Bizzaro World?

Where do you, Mr./Mrs./Ms. National Delegate draw the line on continuing to allow the hi-jacking of our party and it's Conservative Ideals and let them be replaced with basically ALL of the Tenants of the Communist Manifesto? It's all laid out right there since the mid 1800's. This is what the Republican Party has been turned into. This is what the Republican Party leadership currently endorses. As does Romney...and Obama. It's not made up. It's not fiction. It's right there for you to read and compare.


A vote for Romney is a vote to continue us down the path to Communism in America whether you accept it as truth or not. Because the GOP DOESN'T care if you accept it or not. They just care that you keep on being a puppet and push us on down the path. A path that has taken us from a liberty minded and freedom loving country to one that is resembling 1920-1980 Communist Russia more and more with each passing year. With each passing anti-Constutional bill that is created by our elected officials and then signed into law by our President.

Stop being afraid. Stop being bullied. And above all else...STOP letting the GOP decide for you who your vote goes to.

You are going to a CONVENTION in Tampa...not a CORONATION. Remember that.