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Don't Eat your Dog

So I was YouTubing today and ran across an 8 minute ad while watching Peter Schiff videos. 8 min! Holy cow! My cursor went straight to skip but before I could click, something caught my eye. The title of the ad was "Don’t eat your dog: the surprising moral case for free enterprise." It's one of those commercials where a hand is quickly sketching whatever the narrator is discussing. Basically the ad claims that eating your dead pet dog is morally wrong and he isn't going to change many peoples' mind about a moral issue. He applies this to the current economic "discussion" and says that we - as free enterprise believers - are losing the moral argument. It ends up taking you to http://arthurbrooks.aei.org/ (where you can see the video) where he advertises his book on the moral argument for economic freedom. I thought the video was well done and simply makes sense against wealth redistribution. And I think that his point is at least probably right, although I don't know anything about this author beyond this ad. We are losing the moral argument of fairness because (I suspect) liberty tends to attract logic and separation of emotion where as OWS, for example, attracts the emotional. To win the emotional we have to appeal to the emotional and moral argument.

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this was great!

hope you get lots of up-votes!

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html