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New barter site - TradeChains.com

Hey DailyPaulers,

If you’re part of the Liberty Movement that’s largely been taking shape online, you’d probably like to know about the bartering website I’ve recently gone live with at www.tradechains.com .

Here's a video that explains the site pretty well:

Please Embed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAChzahri0U

I'd like to bring attention to two things this new bartering process encourages:

1) “Trading Up”- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One_red_paperclip
On TradeChains, while some users will be trading to get one item within a single trade, other users will be able to use this to their advantage by making a series of nominal and/or physical trades to turn a less valuable item into more valuable item(s).

2) Competition in currency.
Inflation is of little consequence on TradeChains. Certain commodity items or currencies will naturally be treated as if they have an extra monetary value when being traded, but in this instance, the dollar and other fiat currencies are treated as they should be treated, in fair competition with every other commodity item. Technically then, everything listed has the potential to become money.

And not to mention the advantages of avoiding sales tax (and in some cases income tax) while being part of an economy that’s keeping money away from the State.

For a limited time only, it’s free to list items (at some point in the future it will cost 2% of the approximate value to list an item and then 1% to relist) but the trades themselves will always be free. The more items that are listed on TradeChains, the more successful our own private economy becomes, so list as many items as you can and inform friends who will want to take part – especially when all of the services are still free!

If you have questions you can consult the FAQ/Tutorial at www.tradechains.com/faq or you can ask me personally.

Thanks so much and I hope you take part of this effort to build a semi-underground economy!

Jordan Inman
Founder of www.tradechains.com

P.S. Give me your suggestions and let me know what you think and how we might make this a better site.

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bump for discussion

problem right now i see is the search took doesn't seem to work.

when i used it, i could only find comic books, nickles and pennies.

Really Cool

Very interesting website, I love the idea. Being able to keep trading without having to physically have each item first is awesome. Now to find something worth listing...

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Post it up once you do.

I have a few things up: http://www.tradechains.com/user/freejack

Jack Wagner

Just posted some items


Got a pound, 100 yen, a spanish book and a blue rubber-band/blue market combo-pack.

Interested in playing around with this. Not too concerned with getting my money's worth for these items, but putting them up to promote the site and interact with it a bit before putting up real valuable items.

Anyone else game?

Jack Wagner

Awesome Site

Needs some people posting items and promoting it to be successful and gain traction. Please sign up and post some items.

Looks cool!

I have a similar idea I'm working on that is more regional based (like craigslist version of what you are doing).

Jack Wagner

That is really interesting..

I barter all the time. Literally at least once a week. It runs in my family.. What ever it is we are trading, its always 'Horse Trading'.

I signed up. Im currently out of town but Ill list a few things when I get home.

Have you listed on CraigsList?

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

I listed a Gu Zheng (a Chinese koto)


But there some cool things like silver:

Check out http://iroots.org/
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