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An Open Letter to all GOP Delegates

An open letter to all GOP delegates

“There is no such thing as the foreseeable future.” – Charles Burton Marshall

Ron Paul supporters, recent as well as some of us around for 40+ years, may be about to witness the biggest victory for liberty in our lifetimes. It might be that even if Ron does not “steal” the nomination, as of course it will be characterized if/when he does.

Ron controls the delegations of at least six states, and as it stands now will be granted a major floor speech and possibly be placed in nomination for the first ballot. Conclusive legal precedents guarantee delegate independence regardless of ballot or oath. If Romney wins, he may come to govern the U.S. (unlikely), but henceforth may have a very rough time “governing” “his” party.

If the GOP were not currently run by self-serving, amoral neocon hacks, there would already be a strong backlash against the Soviet-style tactics used against Ron's supporters in Louisiana, Nevada, Oklahoma, Massachusetts and elsewhere. In other states, compelling statistical evidence reveals itself in the timelines of the reporting and recording of primary vote totals, which points to unmistakeable systematic vote-flipping algorithms operating within the known-to-be-hackable machines. Difficult to prove without access to the machines, but it's not covered up because no one imagined it might get analyzed this way (details were posted on DP a few weeks ago; request link: firelightermedia@gmail.com)

Every evening one or two Romney delegates finish an essay, maybe even a book on economics or history, suddenly enlightenment flickers down the tunnel, bells toll, stones roll. Delegates who come to understand the stakes should sell the idea to everyone who will listen as though their futures depend upon it, because they do. Argue this now with any family, friends or peers who know other delegates, into the hot nights. Once they get a breath of the fresh air, they never go back.

The logic of liberty is impossible to refute, because it leads to and properly accounts for a practical, just, accurate view of human nature, human action and the basic requirements for a stable, civil society. Private property. Sound money. Privacy. This is why the imperfect Constitution still contains the most viable unifying principles for us to rally to. Those who argue otherwise should be shamed into silence, argued down, and encouraged to stay home; they have no business calling themselves Republicans, or informed voters, for that matter. We however, must stand tall for fairness, justice and morality, against violence, fraud and rancor. Read some Rothbard, Higgs, von Mises, Hayek, Hans-Hoppe, aloud, to your family. What better way to spend an evening or two?

So, young voters and delegates, are you going to take this bullying? You who are assuming the burden of funding the retirements, medical care and prescriptions of droves of well-fed boomers, all social benefits, welfare for the rich too, huge subsidies for counter-productive agricultural fascism (ethanol), more bailouts for those too connected to fail, more wars spending American lives on behalf of other nations, more empire, more regulations... You who are on the hook for e-trillions in unpayable, double-leveraged, credit default swaps and moldy Fannie Mae paper piling up in the back hallways at the Fed, plus interest? You who, if you join the military, might be sent who-knows-where to shoot brown people; then watch lessons never learned return flag-covered, more families destroyed, for what? Democracy? Cyber-megalomania? Oil?

You, spied upon relentlessly; never look up at the drone and frown, kid, they'll know. Face it, this is your “social contract,” whether under Obama or Romney, only you didn't have to sign your name, they already have your “consent,” soon enough your DNA and maybe an RFID chip in your hide.

Why would sanctimonious, hyper-authoritarian hypocrites violate every oath any of them ever took, ethical guidelines, basic fairness, Robert's Rules, Jesus' teachings and the traditions and well-being of their own party, to prevent a fair outcome? So that they can promote and defend torture and indefinite detention, murder without due process, war without congressional approval, snooping without warrants? How can they not admit that what they really intend is a filthy, brutal, unconstitutional, totalitarian POLICE STATE, against the will of the vast majority of the American people? Who defends an unlimited, unchallengeable oligarchy, openly, violently hostile to every legal principle and tradition of over two centuries of constitutionally protected individual liberty?

What hypnotized moral midget opposes none of this? What definition of patriotism includes relentless total surveillance? What definition of the First Amendment means we should demonize and persecute journalists and whistleblowers? What innate fear of inadequacy drives this mad über-authoritarian paranoia that thinks it's going to run the entire world with supercomputers, drones and swat teams? And the real lying has not even started yet.

If you don't want your brightest minds in the streets like the Occupiers, then how dare you attempt to exclude them from the legitimate political process? Those unruly, freethinking Ron Paul radicals are the future of the GOP, if it has one. Haven't the holy rulemakers been insisting we work within the system ever since the first doubts were expressed about the direction of this government? Why only now have a problem with anyone bringing crowds of new people to GOP meetings and working to get a candidate nominated in the proper, fair and legal manner they themselves have set up over decades, to express and achieve the will of the grassroots?

How can they deny that they don't really believe in justice, fairness, liberty, ethics, principles, the Constitution or for that matter, the desires of those grassroots Americans, truth be known? Instead, party, power, privilege, paranoia, authority, spin, influence, secrecy and insufferable hubris reinforced by fear, is more important to them. Shorn of moral compass, regardless of declared piousness, their horned fingers will never willingly release the levers of power. Their jackboots weigh heavy on our minds already; because next, throats.

Therefore they deserve neither a moment of our time, nor an iota of our respect nor a dime of our money. George W. Bush really did say in a room of Senate personnel and aides confronting him over warrantless spying on Americans, according to Doug Thompson of Capital Hill Blue, Dec. '05: “Stop throwing the Constitution in my face! It's just a goddamned piece of paper!” How much has this pervasive, cynical nihilism already cost America? How was this not a major reason the leftist charlatan was elected? Why would Romney's longest list of best principles never even mention Constitutional rights nor the basic privacy of our homes? And why is Russia Today the only cable TV network exhibiting any semblance of journalistic vision, independent thought, passion for truth and insight or respect for liberty? Want to hear the whistleblower's side of the story? NOW we can have a debate! See also RT.com.

There is still time for us to affect the course of history, but the current destination is now clearly visible if the linear inertia is not overcome now. This is no time to wimp out, whether the candidate is excited about it or not, whether his crafty son is a real libertarian or not. And whether anyone you know believes you, agrees or approves or not, you incorrigible sovereign individualist!

Do not let them stop us now, compadres. Actual opportunities for liberty to prevail have been few over the last half century; we who started with Goldwater know how few We may lose our country and our liberties, forever, if we don't do this, but it's your future. There's no point, and certainly no fun, in not trying.

Fun! Politics should be fun, and always there is the possibility of humor if bitter rancor and crude threats are absent from our side of the debate. We are smarter, more open-minded, more magnanimous, more capable of humor, and lately, more human, than our opponents. We can always remain more confident, level-headed, even understanding of the most deeply felt opposing viewpoints, because we are not panicked. I'm sure losing power is horrifying, but we have seen the Bill of Rights voided, and yet we are still committed by principle to non-violence in pursuing political and social goals. It is they who must suffer uncertainty for their careers and futures.

We don't propose to shoot or beat or even jail most of them, just to fire them and herd them out the door, where they can perhaps enter a new “field” of endeavor, as in growing their own food. Why should their pensions be in any less danger than ours?


“Preventative war was an invention of Hitler. Personally, I would not listen to anyone who talked of such a thing.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

“Anarchy is when the former government employees riot in the streets.” – L. A. Rollins

"All failure is failure of imagination.” – Voltaire

Comments or more info: firelightermedia@gmail.com

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