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Report: U.S. General Ignored "Auschwitz-like" Conditions At Afghan Hospital

Report: U.S. General Ignored "Auschwitz-like" Conditions At Afghan Hospital

According to testimony today from three U.S. Army colonels, Lt. General William Caldwell stopped an investigation for political reasons into the conditions of an Afghan hospital described by a witness as “Auschwitz-like.” “How could we make this request with elections coming,” Caldwell reportedly said, referring to President Obama. “He calls me Bill.”

posted Jul 24, 2012 10:52pm EDT

Explosive testimony today at the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee accused one of the most senior officers in the U.S. Army, General William Caldwell, of preventing an investigation into horrible conditions at an Afghan military hospital.

"Two retired colonels who worked with the training command also told the [committee] that Caldwell did not want an inspector general's investigation of the Dawood National Military Hospital," according to the AP, adding that one colonel described "Auschwitz-like conditions" at the hospital.

Statements from the witnesses said that Caldwell, who was running the Afghan army training program at the time, was worried about political ramifications of a Defense Department investigation before the 2010 mid-term elections.

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