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You CAN have your cake and eat it too!

Please don't be so blind as o give away our TWO chances at a liberty candidate in the White House. You still support Ron Paul all the way through the RNC and (GOD WILLING) the November election.

BUT..............you can still make sure that everyone knows you will vote for Gary Johnson and not Romney or Obama or a wasted write in vote

in the event that Dr Paul is not on the ballot.

Please follow the link and learn why and how you can do BOTH, and make the ultimate statement in the election.


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Do your part to stop the drivel...

Supporting Ron at the RNC is completely separate from a person's decision to support Gary Johnson.

None of us look forward to Obama and Romney driveling about their similarities in the debates.

Let's shake up the dice and see how good the roll comes out. If the pollsters call, tell them Johnson.

Do your part to stop the drivel!