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Hillary and Obama at it again. S.3414/S.A.2575 Trying to bring back H/C magazine ban

Unable to get the U.N. Small Arms Treaty to pass...Obama, Hillary and the gang are now trying to be sneaky and slip one past us. The Senate will vote on S.3414, The Cyber Security Act ( which in itself is disgusting ) but they snuck in an Amendment to that bill , S.A. 2575 which would basically revive the " Assault Weapons Ban " that was thankfully allowed to die in 2004 but the Democrats have been trying to get brought back to life ever since. Don't allow any more attacks on the 2nd Amendment.

In fact, there needs to be a bill passed that forbids any politician from every trying to create a law that attacks the 2nd Amendment ever again. All of these politicians swore oaths to protect and uphold the Constitution when they took office. This new bill should hold them accountable for an act of treason each and every time one of them attempts to infringe upon an American's rights.

If they are going to refuse to honor their oaths, then they need to be held accountable for breaking it. And especially held accountable for trying to place the lives of American civilians in danger by taking away their ability to possess a power equal to or greater than the State's.

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Bump for awareness! A little ammo to help.


Welcome to the DP.

If they can sneak things

If they can sneak things through, why cant we?

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Getting so sick and tired

of constant watching and guarding against the govt. continuously sneaking this and that in every bill that they dream up.

Why can't we fund a class action law suit for treason against the American people? They all take an oath and a pledge and we get to just sit back and complain and make phone calls and write emails. Every bill, every congressional member, president etc who sign these things should be held accountable for these crimes against we the people. Sorry, venting.

Wow. I just read a brand new

Wow. I just read a brand new email from C4L about this bill. The first think that came to my mind was that I'm sick and tired of the federal government pulling this..... pick your cuss word.

Then I clicked on DP search and found your comment. They're wearing me down. I think that's the point.

me three

Why is it that there is a never ending assault on our freedom? Piggy backing regulations on other laws, trying to sign treaties to undermine our security...who the heck do these people think they are? Are they seriously scheming all day long trying to think about how they will "sneak" a new law into place without us noticing? It is disgusting. Why can't we hold these people to the rules? Why are they so "untouchable"?

Me too

It's really annoying having to look over our backs everyday to see what they're up to. I send countless emails & donations to organizations fighting this crap and it never ends. We need to get our guy into office!