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Only Paul Can Beat Obama

Only Paul Can Beat Obama
In a recent "likeability" USA Today Gallup Poll:


Romney is losing to Obama 60-30%. Romney can't beat Obama and the RNC knows it by now.

Our pressing problem is: No one is polling Paul vs Obama. In a head to head poll, Paul vs. Obama, Paul would win.

So, to show Paul would win against Obama, we must commission our own Presidential Poll, as well as lobby the pollsters to take more National "Paul versus Obama" polls. The Paul Activists need to be able to show that Paul is winning in the polls when pitted against Obama, and that Romney loses when matched against Obama.

Please give our activists and Ron Paul Delegates the information they need to persuade the RNC Delegates in Tampa that Paul can beat Obama and Romney can't. We can be sure the RNC doesn't want to nominate a loser so Paul is their only choice. Please post to your lists and contacts:


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