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I think if they dissarm you it is game over..

Personally I have never owned a firearm...never much liked em, but also never had any right to own one.

I did my military service so I know how those things work..

Now many people here have guns for hunting, but it is not the same thing. I think if they take your guns or more important your right to have guns. Any guns, in fact, you need as good a gun as your government has or you will be just like we are here..sitting ducks..

There are many bad things about guns, but don´t let em take yours or you will be just like we are sitting ducks..

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I think you are right, but remember New Orleans.

There was no resistance (during Katrina) to being disarmed, at a time when being armed was most important. Under the right circumstances, I shamefully say most Americans will give them over, and those who don't will be labeled terrorists. I sure hope I am wrong.

Undo what Wilson did