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eBook: The Nazi Roots of the ‘Brussels EU’

"...the fundamentally undemocratic construct of today’s ‘Brussels EU’ is no coincidence. Hallstein, a prominent Nazi lawyer – and expert on the IG•Farben concern – was chosen by these corporate interests to become the first EU Commission president with a specific assignment: to model the ‘Brussels EU’ after the original plans of the Nazi/IG Farben coalition to rule Europe through a ‘Central Cartel Office’."

Paul Anthony Taylor, Alexandra Nidzwiedcki, Matthias Rath, August Kowalczyk: The Nazi Roots of the ‘Brussels EU’ - link to the online/downloadable book

Very interesting book showing not only startling simmilarities between nazi conquest plans and later undemocratic EU, but using interesting set of evidence documenting that this simmilarity is not a mere coincidence but a result of infiltration of post-WWII politics and economy by prominent nazis to advance corporate intereststs of fascist cartels.

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