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Time to have Ron Paul go third party.

It looks like it is time for Ron Paul to go 3rd party. It looks like the RNC is looking to embarrass Ron Paul at the convention. He will be there but the Republican Party NWO elite are working to make sure no Ron Paul delegates will get in the door. Especially now that Mitt Romney has proven to be a twit, more then once, the GOP NWO elite know they have to make sure that Ron Paul does not get nominated at the RNC . This is outrageous what the NWO GOP elite are doing. How can anyone vote for Romney for President after all these terrible, despicable treatment. So the signs if Ron Paul can see it, that he is not welcome by the NWO GOP elite. But we can fight on till August at the RNC and if Ron Paulis not nominated at the RNC and he wishes to continue, we must go third party backing Ron Paul. Obviously the GOP core is evil.

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If he is on the

SC ballot, I will vote for him, regardless of party affiliation.

Otherwise I will not darken the doorway of the church down the road where I cast my vote in the primary.

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How do you "suppose"

You can have Ron Paul run third party, as if you or the revolution controls what Dr. Paul does. That is very presumptuous. Not to mention that it would be impossible for paul to win as a third party candidate sine he couldn't get on the ballot in many states.

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Either way

If Romney and the RNC disenfranchise the Liberty movement, I think we should work to keep their precious nominee from becoming president (although it is looking like Romney is doing a pretty good job of that on his own).

The problem is...

He simply cannot. According to Doug Wead, this is not possible due to "Sore Loser Laws" and he will be kept off the ballot if he runs 3rd party.

Does the "sore loser' law take effect now, or after

convention? Just curious. I read if he were to go third party at this time, the "sore loser" thing would come up. Correct me if I'm wrong, because I don't have all the info on this.

I completely agree

The GOP have treated Ron Paul with disrespect, lies and deception. Remember the media asking Ron if he will go 3rd party and if he did, Obama would win because Ron would take to many votes away from Romney.

- Romney will lose against Obama anyway
- Ron Paul does best with independents than both Obama and Romney
- If Ron Paul's support is always small and dedicated, what are they so afraid of?
- Ron Paul's following are no doubt loyal, they got that part right, so loyal in fact that we can not morally, intelligently vote for another candidate meaning we will write his name down if not listed.
- Donations is a big issue, the lead up to the election is a few months away, how much would Ron Paul need in donations for an effective campaign and can we do it?