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Florida Cop Fired For Picking Up Hookers On Duty

Of course, he'd happily jail you for doing the same.


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What's Really Needed Here

Is for hookers, people who perform a valuable service, to be more discerning about who they drop their drawers for, and quit screwing cops.

Ladies, c'mon. A little class, please?

You might want to quit screwing politicians to. It just makes you look bad, you know what I'm saying?

Sorry, voting this down

This is clearly dereliction of duty and really poor judgement, and I am intolerant of this kind of self-indulgent behavior stealing from the taxpayer by doing personal business while on the public payroll--whether a police officer or a garbage truck driver. But with all the cops out there trafficking drugs, raping prostitutes, bullying photographers, and beating and shooting innocent people... this sop is hardly one to call out on the DP.

You don't know he would bust you for picking up hookers. You don't know he's not a libertarian. For all we know, other cops on the force are dealing crack but the chief singled out this guy because he doesn't make his ticket quota month after month, and banging hookers in his squad car was a convenient excuse to get rid of him.

Voting this down as a time waster.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.


This is my city... Thanks for the post..

How far is Melbourne from Jupiter?

I have a good friend that lives in Juptier and I'm trying to get his sorry ass to go to Tampa with me. I live WAY up in the panhandler...near pensacola.