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12-Year-Old Girl Tased Inside Victoria's Secret - Mom Had Outstanding Traffic Tickets

[Via InformationLiberation.com] Video clip from local news station at the link below. What's wrong with the police? Are officers so unskilled and scared that they must tase a skinny 12 year old girl? And this all began because of her mom not paying traffic tickets? Non violent offenses committed by a parent result in their child bing tased.

Original source KDSK.com

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I think this is probable cause to charge Victoria Secret....

I think this is probable cause to charge Victoria Secret with espionage.

In the management department of Victoria Secret, there is a whole club of Zionuts who deliberately get a thrill off intimidatinrg people. Also, people can put two and two together given Victoia Secret's main department store is linked to the Russian mob...There's one in central Moscow, Haifia, Israel, Turkey and Romania.

Surely that can't be a coincidence.

If you believe that the managers didn't have something to do with her stalking, and imprisonment by DHS cronies, I have a bridge to sell you in Norway too. Classic close shut case of conspiracy.

And the brownshirt was....

It turns out that Victoria Secrets is a government Brownshirt operation and ran her info just like a lot of pizza places do.

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whats a piece of crap these two REPEATERS are

Ben SWANN should do a piece on this story and get the real scoop.

the one question or answer we didnt hear the entire report.......

how did the cop know to come and find her at a VICTORIAS SECRET !!

he should have never had been in there unless the woman and her daughter were under surveillance!!!

just look at all the responses below , its all about how the kid shouldnt have been tased and what not ?

HOW DID THE COP KNOW WHERE TO FIND THE LADY ??? thats the thing to be pissed about.

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Probable cause?

Let's for the moment give the cop the benifit of the doubt and conceed that the girl attacked him. In the old days, this would have been a non-story because the cop would have instead pulled his baton, which properly used on the extremities, could legitimately be said to be non-lethal. A Tazer, however is potentially lethal each and every time it is used even on the healthiest of people because even the best meaning cop can't prevent an assailant from falling from a standing position and dying after hitting their head on the ground, which happens all the time.

The cops in my part of the world don't even carry batons any more but instead only carry Tazers which always put people at risk of death even when it is cops don't mistake their guns for their Tazers.

It's time for Law Enforcement to revisit its little experiment with the Tazer.

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Let me get this straight.
It is ok for cops to tazer children because these big brutes can't handle them, but parents cannot spank their kids as an alternate disciplinary method?
Seriously, as a child I would much prefer a good spanking from Mom and Dad than a tazering by some stranger(s) who are supposed to Protect and Serve...

Torture and compliance

Tasers were sold to the public as a non-lethal alternative to firearms. Cops were supposed to tase people who otherwise they'd have to shoot.

But of course that was a monumental lie. Tasers are torture devices used to render instantaneous compliance and often as punishment for non-cooperation. They are neither used as a last resort, nor are they non-lethal.

Using a taser is a blatant violation of the Constitutional prohibition against cruel and unusual punishments. The Supreme Court should completely ban their use by authorities; or if not, then make clear that use is illegal except as a substitute for deadly force in situations where deadly force would be unambiguously justified. A justifiable tasing should have to meet the same burden as a justifiable homicide.

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You can call Victoria's secret by real name, Pharisee's Secret..

It's no secret that VICTORIA is hiding a lot more than a plastic bag in today's modern era!!

Stupid journalist....

instead of asking questions like.... "Why should we believe you?", he should be trying to find and show the security camera video.... (you know it exists!), and putting on the air. I don't care what the kid was doing.... she is a 12 year old girl, move her back... you don't "Tase" her!
And while were at it... why aren't we questioning the police in an interview.... "So is it standard procedure to TASE children now?", "Do you think your officers overreacted?", "Don't you think they need a little time off without pay?"
These are some common sense things that could have been done, on the journalists part, in my not so humble opinion.

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Put the pigs in jail. Who the

Put the pigs in jail. Who the f*ck hurts an innocent child? Who the f*ck hurts a guilty child? All of these cowards hiding behind a badge ought to be terminated by the department and put in prison for life. This makes my family, who are mostly Peace Officers and Military Officers / Enlistee's sick. This isn't what they want or represent. TITLE 42 SECTION 1983. Let em' rot.

Why didn't the police arrest her at her house?

Are the police trying to instill fear in us so much so that we are afraid to go out in public to do the most basic thing as buy clothes or food to survive? Welcome to the police state of America.

Where's the ACLU? The child's rights were violated.

I felt bad for the mom until

I felt bad for the mom until I saw the tattoos on her face, gold teeth and warrents out for her arrest.. But damn, leave the kid alone! Even if the little girl was acting crazy, that level of force is wrong! Handcuffs would have done just fine! And people wonder why cops aren't liked very much. Gives the good cops a bad name!

Why didn't they use handcuffs?

I was wondering the same thing. If it was a 250 lbs, out-of-control martial artist, I could understand the taser; but a little 12-year old girl? Come on.


I have a prediction to how your typical person will respond to this.

Remember the policeman that totally kicked that lady right in the head? That guy abused his authority, his power, his position...

But I am betting that "defenders" of the police and police authority, will say "well this guy is just crazy, you will always have some crazy ones; no one can control that. The only problem is that a FEW people are crazy."

That is my prediction.

The problem with this defense? It IGNORES the role of the establishment.

The govt: corrupt politicians get busted, "some are crazy."
The schools: embezzling superintendent gets busted, "some are crazy."
The church: molesting priest gets busted, "some are crazy."

But what role does the mere establishment play in SETTING UP or ALLOWING those events? Get deeper folks!

Lawyer Up!

We can't trust government officials anymore.

Internal affairs has become a

Internal affairs has become a joke.They will protect their own.

Bob Marshall

when a police officer tells

when a police officer tells you "contact internal affairs"

the first thing anyone should do is contact a private attorney.

I was going to write the same

I was going to write the same thing but thought I'd read the comments first. Cops protect cops. NOBODY is watching the watchers!

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when you're a lawman, and dealing with people...

... you do a whole lot better when you don't so much go by the book, but by the heart.


Seems to me that we have a minority of "heartless" police officers out there that wind up in the news. On the other side of the coin, it seems that there are a lot of law enforcement hero's out there, who do go by their heart, but their stories often go unreported.

Purge the law enforcement thugs, and praise the good peace officers.

Here's another excellent example of a great peace officer:


LOL! I knew it!

Before I ever went to the link, after reading that first line, I knew, this was Griffith time.

Love it! First five seasons, own em. Seen em back to back countless times.

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Tazers ARE deadly weapons

One of my best friends was tazed to death in Greenwood country South Carolina about 3 years ago. The cops use the Tazer as the weapon of first resort because they have silenced the opposition to them by ignoring the number of people who have been killed by Tazers. The weapon should be outlawed. It is cruel torture used as a legal weapon. We could issue cops brass knuckles and be just as wrong. Legalize pot and criminalize Tazers!!!!

It is spelled....TASER

just saying..

Seems perfectly reasonable to

Seems perfectly reasonable to me :-)

Larry in North Carolina
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Perhaps Dr. Paul has just

Perhaps Dr. Paul has just garnered another supporter after being involved in such a situation.

I may be wrong, but....

I don't think cops can go into a private business to arrest on such small technicalities* in the first place? Can they? Anyone know?


1)Being chased in.
2)Laws may very from state to state.
3)Hummm, I'm gettin hungry. Gotta go look in the fridge and see what's for dinner now.....

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I guess we should be happy

I guess we should be happy that he did not just shoot them both.

Anyone know where we can find out how many innocent people get shot by police every year? Not saying this woman was innocent just curious.

More people are killed by governments than anything else....

It is called DEMOCIDE. Death by Government. Over 260 Million were killed in the 20th century by government. Projected figures are that government will have killed Billions in the 21st country (unless we do something to STOP them). BTW these were all unarmed civilians.

The mom has

gold teeth but can't afford to pay her traffic tickets? I bet you 10 dollars she also has food stamps and I would not doubt that the little girl threw a fit and got physical with the cop. Sorry but thats just how some people behave.

Jen Mac
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so based on their appearance

maybe this lady acted in any which way... who knows. The point is it doesn't matter. You can restrain a 50lb, 12 year old without needing to electrocute them.

Re: Gold Teeth...

True, it's totally possible. I can't in good conscience draw any conclusions on headline stories (news articles that are vague) such as this unless I hear the whole story. Many people, based on their biased views, will hear a story like this and fill in the blanks as they prefer, to fit their agenda.