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Why can't Ron Paul make delegates sign pledges to him like Romney did in the U.S. Virgin Islands?

We all know by now how the GOP is allowing Romney to take Delegates from Ron Paul and forcing them to sign pledges to him in order to remain Delegates and now Ron Paul's campaign is trying to fight that with the GOP....my question is....

Since the GOP's argument to all of the Delegate challenges is that the winner of the Primary or Caucus should be the person who rightfully gets the delegates, or the majority of them, why is the U.S. Virgin Island's delegates all going to Romney when Ron Paul won it?

Why is the GOP/RNC allowing Romney to take them all with nothing more than a signed pledge to him when he didn't win there? Ron Paul did.

What's stopping Ron Paul from going back to all the states he won the Delegates in at the state conventions and making them all sign pledges that they have to vote for him? Take them back from Romney?

If the GOP/RNC can allow Romney to do it...why can't Ron Paul do it?

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he can try

But since delegates in the Virgin Islands are directly elected and since almost all of the ones who won were the ones who had pledged to Romney beforehand, they're probably not going to change their minds or sign a pledge to vote for another candidate, to whom they are not bound.


...we are honorable and they are not. some people are only in favor of liberty, transparency and freedom WHEN IT SUITS THEIR OWN INTERESTS!

Label Jars, Not People!

The fact that Romney has to

The fact that Romney has to cheat to win is indicative of his character. I don't especially want such a life form as my President.