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Bill Kristol Wants Ammo Limits

Bill Kristol Wants Ammo Limits

Joe Klein, writing for Time Magazine, is surprised that the neocon Bill Kristol would come out against the Second Amendment.

“People have a right to handguns and hunting rifles,” Kristol told Fox News. “I don’t think they have a right to semiautomatic, quasi–machine guns that can shoot hundred of bullets at a time. And I actually think the Democrats are being foolish as they are being cowardly. I think there is more support for some moderate forms of gun control.”


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No shock

The neoconservative ideology has the undertones of statism, and many of the original neocons were former Tritsykist(if I spelled it correctly) who were welcomed into the conservative circles when the conservative movement was hyper focused on the Cold War. Since then, they have controlled the conservative movement or at minimum had the movement under the sway of the ideology. On occassion they have had some people like Dick Armey who is said by some to have been a former libertarian, under their sway. Pretty much anything they touch gets destroyed.

Edit: I think I should say it is statism, not that it has the undertones of statism.

Yeah. HE'S "conservative", LOL!

While Israel has no control laws and even teachers are armed. Now WHY would this shill for Israel want Americans disarmed but hasn't a peep to say about the country of his true allegiance? Could it be because he knows we are sitting ducks without a meaningful way of defending ourselves?


William Krystol will burn in hell one day, funny thing is, I think he knows it and doesnt care.
I think he will be surprised at how soon that day will come for him.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

Joe Klein needs to brush up

Joe Klein needs to brush up on his knowledge and learn what a neocon is.


Kristol is a smug neocon tool.

He is a total piece o sht. Of course I didn't watch because I know where the sellout stands and can't stand looking at his smirk having face.

where does this guy's bloodline descend from?

his eye pisses me off

Bill Krystol bloodline is of the Canaanites...

Anglo Israelism (British Israelism) is a theory born out of the middle ages which claims descendancy from the lost tribes of Israel for a number of British families. Those who claim descendancy do not claim to be Jews as descended from the kingdom of Judah, but rather Israelis descended from the kingdom of Israel and the ancestral line of the biblical king David. Although DNA evidence lends minor credibility to this theory, many of these so called descendants have only trace amounts of the bloodline in their ancestry. Most families with a European ancestor have a blood connection at some level to ancient Canaan which today is called Israel.

The British royal family is one of the more well known adherents to the theory of Anglo Israelism and all current members claim descendancy. For the Royals, these ridiculous ancestral connections mean a great deal and their entire power structure is based upon glorification of the Canaanite bloodline. Because the ancient Canaanites ruled Egypt for at least several generations from their capital Avaris, Egyptian custom is built into the Canaanite culture and therefore, Anglo Israelism.

The Egyptian/Canaanite connections can be witnessed in royal British ceremonies such as the royal coronation where a legendary stone of the biblical Jacob is placed beneath the throne. Of course, this stone has significance beyond that of a simple biblical nature for the Royal family. For them, it is a symbol of their purported Canaanite heritage. Other various traditions borrowed from the Canaanites of Egypt are the coronation step pyramid, garments fashioned with hidden emblems of Egyptian royalty and the use of the Egyptian Jubilee to celebrate the reign of the Monarch.

The modern day Illuminati was spawned from a belief in Anglo Israelism and the British Royal family sits at the helm. The ranking of Illuminati members is based upon verifiable ties to the ancient Canaanite culture. Those with little or no ancestral power, wield the least control over the Illuminati steering committee. As you make your way through life, take notice of those which receive high, and almost unattainable positions in the seats of world government at surprisingly young ages. It is not by mere chance that these people receive their positions. Many are in fact the relatives of prominent Illuminati members and the Anglo Israeli cabal.



The reason is that Ham (the father of Canaan and son of Noah) saw his own father Noah naked (Noah was drunk and passed out naked) which is a shameful thing to look at - his own father's nakedness. Instead of covering him up at least, he leaves and tells his other brothers to go look at their father naked, as though to make fun of him and expose his shame instead of concealing it/taking care of it (by covering him up). His other brothers don't find it funny, walk backwards and do not look at their father naked and cover him up out of respect. Ham's lineage is therefore cursed.

Out of Ham's progeny came the son of Cush, Nimrod. It was Nimrod who founded and built the great city of Babylon.. Nimrod was a mighty hunter before the Lord as the bible says.(Meaning he was an advsary, or his enemy..History tells us most of the descendants of Ham migrated to Africa and China after the Tower of Babel was destroyed by God and he confounded their language..

The legendary symbol for Nimrod is the letter "X." The use of this symbol always denotes witchcraft. When the letter "X" is used as a shortened form meaning Christmas, it actually means "to celebrate the feast of Nimrod." It may be noted that Nimrod was indeed the first international banker. He keep the people valuables and money. They were given IOU's for their possessions.

It may be also noted that the double X, which has always meant to double-cross or betray, in its fundamental meaning indicates one's betrayal into the hands of Satan. When American corporations use the "X" in their logo, such as "Exxon," the historic Rockefeller firm of Standard Oil of New Jersey, there can be little doubt of this hidden meaning.

This then is Bill Krystol's family tree, the tree of the "Canaanite"

Poppycock and urban legends.

Poppycock and urban legends. This is also the "family tree" of course of Mises, Rothbard, and Walter Block....so your point is?

Mr. disinformation

The reason we need to keep our guns is to protect ourselves from the tyranny that is coming. Not for personal defense or hunting. From the ever encroaching tyranny that's what we need to protect ourselves from. We need to protect ourselves from the people who manipulate voting machines and the people who break our bones as we try to engage in the democratic process of this republic. We need to protect ourselves from governments that print money at will debasing our currency making us all poorer. We will try it nice and friendly now.

I hope and pray we can get our freedoms back.

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
Albert Einstein

fireant's picture

He's a statist. Statists prefer the people have no arms, but

are willing to compromise to "handguns and hunting rifles", knowing our 2nd Amendment traditions are deep.
Back off, Kristol, and your ilk.

Undo what Wilson did