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George Will : Romney Not Courting Jewish Voters with Israel Trip but Evangelicals (Video)

George Will : Romney Not Courting Jewish Voters with Israel Trip but Evangelicals (Video)

Published: 11:52 AM 07/29/2012
By Jeff Poor

On Sunday’s broadcast of ABC’s “This Week,” Washington Post columnist George Will explained just what the aim of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is with his overseas visit in the middle of his campaign.

Will said that the stop in Israel is important, but not for the two obvious reasons some have suggested. According to the Washington Post columnist and “This Week” regular, the goal isn’t to win the favor of Israel, nor is it to win the support of Jewish voters. Instead, he said it is a show to evangelical Christians within the GOP that he supports Israel.

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the money and the media

He is in Israel for the money and the media. Real Christians will not vote for Mitt Romney because they know he's a Mormon. Not that there's anything wrong with Mormons, but most Christians believe it's a cult something like Dianetics and Scientology. He's out to bamboozle everybody else, with the controlled media that Israel influences or owns however you see it. He also wants the more money, strange because he can even spend the money he already has. Basically he's campaigning overseas to influence an election in the USA. I know it's illegal for foreigners to contribute to the campaign a presidential candidate. There other ways to contribute besides cash. So basically he's touring the world trying to get people to break US law and help him get elected. Ask yourself would Ron Paul do this?

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