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Where's The Milkman? -Update-

This is and UPDATE in response to the recent arrest of "The Milkman," James Stewart (video link posted at end).

Excerpt from article:

That agenda, as NaturalNews readers well know, is to destroy raw milk and persecute anyone who touches it. This is the new model of police state crony capitalism in America: Big industry runs the regulators, and the regulators are criminal gangs that misuse their power to destroy any competition of their corporate masters. The agenda to "get James Stewart," after all, is really a protection racket to make sure the pasteurized milk industry -- offering dead, pasteurized, artificially homogenized milk with high levels of pus and blood -- has no competition from fresh, local food producers which run far cleaner operations

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/036614_James_Stewart_Ventura_coun...

Let's examine the above paragraph again to see how this works:

1)Big industry runs (i.e. pays off) the regulators.

2)The regulators are criminal gangs....

3)The regulators work to destroy competition by "over regulating" everything and setting examples.

4)End result: YOU get what THEY want*.

They Live. You Sleep.

*They want the globall pesants to:

Drink flouridated water, breath chemtrails, get vaccinated and eat GMO's and irriadiated-steril foods that are embedded with Bpa and a host of other things you cannot even pronounce. And then we even have those who are willing to enforce this stuff. Do they ever think what the net results of their actions are, not only to themselves but friends and family?

*You can apply the same 4 steps listed above to:
et al

People, where is the WEAKest LINK in this chain? Break one link and the entire plot comes crashing down.

Hey what is that green food that tastes like soy anyway?

Milkman video:

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