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Leaked: IFPI Tutorial On How To Stop Pre-Release Music Leaks

Following the inadvertent leak of several IFPI and RIAA reports this week and our subsequent articles, today we wind up with perhaps the most ironic of the series. It covers a presentation by the IFPI’s head of anti-piracy operations to industry insiders on how to prevent leaks. It explains how individuals gain access to pre-release music, how to set up honey-traps to ensnare them, and also hints at why the UK’s Serious Organized Crime Agency targeted the RnBXclusive blog earlier this year.

This week TorrentFreak has been running articles based on the leak of several IFPI and RIAA internal documents. Today’s article covers IFPI’s attempts to educate their members on how to mitigate a relatively new technique for obtaining pre-release music.

Online release groups and other leakers have always been resourceful when it comes to getting the latest tunes, whether from light-fingered employees at CD packing plants or friendly music-reviewing sources with access to fresh promos.

“Web piracy is similar to organized crime, there is a hierarchy, our goal is to identify those at the top,” Mo Ali, Head of Internet Anti-Piracy Operations at IFPI explained during his April 2012 presentation.


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