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Can Friends of Liberty Agree to Disagree & Be Agreeable While Doing So?

I am relatively new to the Daily Paul and only found Ron Paul late last year. I really enjoy keeping up with Liberty News here at the DP and appreciate the opportunity to be a part of a Liberty Loving community.

One thing I have noticed, there are a lot of people here with differing political, social, religious, philosophical preferences. From time to time it seems people attack each other. Are there any of us that are real threats to liberty that need to be treated as threats? I am pretty sure I heard Ron Paul say that the cause of Liberty is supposed to bring us together. How can we be together if we wound one another just because we disagree on certain things?

Ron Paul advocates the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have done unto you."

King Solomon said, "A soft answer turns away wrath."

Jesus said, "A house divided against itself will not stand."

I heard an anarchist say, "Do no harm."

My husband said, “People want to blow out other people’s candles to make their own candle brighter.

I am asking, "Is it possible for Friends of Liberty to agree to disagree and be agreeable while doing so?"

Can we have open discussion on topics without targeting each other? Is it wrong to learn how different ones of us think? I am a Born-Again, Baptist Christian. I have been a straight ticket Republican all my voting life. Our country is in trouble. I think that is something we all know and we have rallied around Liberty and Ron Paul. I realize there are individuals like me out there, but there are also Atheists, Deists, Anarchists, Minarchists, Voluntaryists, Democrats, Libertarians, Capitalists, Austrians, etc. etc.

I want to know what people think so I can decide what I want to think…of course I am not changing my thoughts on Jesus, but my political and economic philosophies are open. Is that wrong? I’d like open, kind, polite, rational discussion here in this post.

If you would like to contribute, I think it would be nice to share ideas. It would also be nice to see us, Friends of Liberty, treat each other kindly as Friends IN Liberty in other posts, just sayin. Do you think it is possible? Do you have something to contribute?

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That is the point of Liberty.

Once you see the entire world as the same house, you realize it is not about us vs. them; however you draw those lines, but about letting go of the self and giving yourself over to the force of creation (the universe, nature, god, the tao, etcetera).

You are being selfish (and self serving) when you make exceptions for yourself from the "golden rule." Or whatever Commandments you wish to follow (like the Anarchist; and Athiests, say, "Do no harm."). When you say, do unto others, except for right now because I've been wronged, or someone else did harm, so you can do harm. Nope, rule still applies, you either believe, and have faith, in that commandment or rule, or you don't. When you break it is when you step out of the grace of god. Or out of happiness. Or morality. Or however your mind and ego requires you to quantify it.

When we truly give each other the respect that we would like to recieve, then we will actually listen and value each others opinions, and work to understand each others needs and concern, and work together to make sure we are all at peace, and have a feeling of liberty and justice. And it can't come at the expense of someone else's liberty and justice.

At some point we decide whether we are sheep or shepards. At which point, the Shepards, not judging, need to take care of the Sheep, and not put onto them the responsibility of being a Shepard. It is hard, because Sheep can (and will) immitate Shepards, it does not mean that they have truly let go of themselves and commit to serving God.

Don't judge, just have patience.

It isn't easy, but it is nessessary.

Jack Wagner

bear, you're wonderful!

You have inspired me to be a little bit more civil on posts I violently disagree with.

One thing I have difficulty dealing with however, are the disagreements over religious beliefs (no matter of what position) where proponents of one position arrogantly insult the intelligence and/or moral character of another position. This goes for Atheists as well as those who call themselves Christians. A typical statement I must condemn is one where one party wishes ill on another. I have read on this site statements by self-described Atheists to the effect that they hoped that "irrational, Christian, theo-slaves" would "suffer the consequences of their lack of mental acuity." I have also read statements where self-described Christians gleefully delighted in the thought of Atheists burning in Hell forever. I am particularly sensitive to the last, as I consider myself to be a Christian and cannot for the life of me figure out where these "Christians" got direction from God to wish ill on anybody for any reason.

You have dealt with posters like this in such a gentle fashion, and maybe it is the best way, but sometimes it seems to me we must be a little firmer with those who go out of their way to offend and hurt others.

You are so kind!

I had no idea you were speaking to me over here. One thing I fail to do is check my topics once they seem to have run their course.

My goal is two fold:

1. Love God
2. Love People

Jesus said that the whole law and prophets hang on those two rules.

I do not think the Christian has any place judging a non-believer, relishing in their demise, or wishing ill on them. We are to be overflowing with the love of Christ. There is such a thing as speaking the truth in love.

If a non-believer is ugly toward a Christian, Proverbs tells us that a soft answer turns away wrath. So that is how I try to handle things. Sometimes I rewrite something when I realize my tone is not gentle. (I have feelings too!)

But my goal is always to be an example of the love of Christ and never to give anyone a reason to turn away from Christ. So that means I try to maintain my testimony in a loving way towards others.

There is also a time in the Bible when the disciples are sent 2 by 2 to preach the kingdom. They were told if a city did not want to hear them to wipe the dust from their feet and move on. I take that as, don't wear out your welcome. If someone is offended by my sharing Christ, and they let me know that, then I don't share Him. However, that does not mean that I reject the person. The person simply is a non-Believer and I cannot expect that person to understand Christ. But while that person does not understand, I do not want to be a stumbling block to their eventual understanding or to be pushy about Christ.

I hope those belated words are helpful. I'd be glad to discuss the Scriptures that I am using as a background for my words, or give you the references if you would like to see the Bible's Words instead of mine. I am just answering in a fast way right now.




My Pleasure

Thank you for stopping in.

Things here do get a little acute at times, but no harm intended

But remember this, you can herd sheep but you can't herd cats. This site has the most intelligent independent thinkers of any I have seen, about all they really agree on is liberty and Dr Paul, that's good enough for me.

Love it!

"...you can herd sheep but you can't herd cats. Made me think: I've heard of cat fights, but never of a sheep fight!

It seems to me though, that there are some disagreements as to what constitutes Liberty. Perhaps that is Liberty?

Is it possible?

Sometimes yes and sometimes no...


Liberty = Responsibility


I've noticed...Peace at the end of a comment does wonders :)

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Actually, DP is pretty friendly!

I find the tone pretty cooperative around here. Go visit boards at reason.com or some lefty sites or somewhere stupid like huff post

I wouldn't even tread near an msm ( say, fox)

I'm baffled to as why atheist anarcho cap Walter block needs to take shots at atheist anarcho cap moleneax

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It hasn't been friendly in ages.

If you criticize Gary Johnson or Rand Paul, mention the possibility of writing in Ron Paul, or express any form of skepticism towards Alex Jones' theories, you get insulted and voted down into oblivion.

I don't play, I commission the league.

Yah, I haven't been to any

Yah, I haven't been to any other sites...except I had an eBay store and I was always courteous with my customers and other sellers. I do find for the most part the DP to be a civil place, however, I have noted on occasion personal attacks or even just attacks against an ID when nothing negative is even said. That kind of stuff grieves me. I would like everyone to get along, but then who am I :)

It grieves me too.

There's people sowing division intentionally. "If you don't vote my way, your a troll, blah blah blah." Tired of it.

The part that bothers me the

The part that bothers me the most is that it seems to be done in packs like jackals or piranhas. It is too bad we cannot figure out how to help each other.


Problem we have bear, is that GJ is NOT a liberty candidate.
so no.
I cant go along with fake liberty no matter who is selling it.

wish i could but cant.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

But cannot one be kind

and agreeable even when disagreeing? Civility is all I am advocating.

Words of Wisdom on Disagreement

http://www.dailypaul.com/247643/ron-paul-on-compromise-and-d... .

Is it possible to be agreeable when disagreeing?

can friends of liberty stop posting GJ until after 2 weeks?

obviously favor to be returned after we cross that bridge and see what happens.

I agree!

I am not a GJ supporter. I am whole-heartedly Ron Paul! I think that is wise advice for the GJ people. Please, plese, quit until after Tampa. Our hearts are set on Tampa. We have worked for Tampa. I have asked for a few GJ links just in case I have to make some unfortunate decision after Tampa. I am not even looking at them until after Tampa.

Godspeed Dr. Ron Paul to the White House!

Can Friends of Liberty Agree to Disagree & Be Agreeable...?

Not a chance in hell, a$$wipe.

Just kidding.

You better be Kidding...

...if you are calling me dirty toilet paper :)



"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

Not afraid of disagreement

In the first place let me recall, for you who may not have been there, a comment made by the man calling the meeting to order 4 years ago at the Rally for the Republic in Minneapolis; "Oh great this ought to be fun, trying to call a room full of libertarians to order!"
I happen to be a "Republitarian” a sort of amalgam between a constitutionalist, libertarian, and traditional republican. And I must say that any of you who fall somewhere into that mix; you are my brother in the cause of liberty.
There are many subjects that, given enough time to probe, we can find disagreement on I'm sure. But on the whole we both respect the sovereign rights of man to pursue life liberty and property in any manner we choose provided we cause no interruption in another man's pursuit, nor cause him harm in the process.
But, my friend as to the premise of your question; can’t we "agree to disagree?" The answer should be an emphatic NO!
The whole "agree to disagree" paradigm didn't come from your conservative Baptist upbringing; it came from the New Age movement. In short it is a bunch of psycho-babble hokum! Men of good will, such as our founding fathers, just plain disagree, period. No agreement required.
It's kind of like the other New Age slogan "co-exist". That is not an active process; you don't need to promote the idea. In other words, you exist, I exist, and therefore we co-exist. See how easy no bumper sticker needed!
We need to see beyond the thinly veiled attempt at unifying us to their world view, which my experience is considerably different than ours. However I would be happy to meet any one of them, and walk alongside on the road to freedom. It is the most sublime of all human conditions. And on that we can just agree!

RON PAUL is the GOLD STANDARD of politics, his value never changes; it's tied to the CONSTITUTION!

Agreeable Disagreement

Very interesting reply indeed! You just about had me swayed to your way of thinking on this subject and I was about ready to take back my words, but…then I did some thinking

I can see in the those that fought for liberty great disagreement, and yet, did they not all redline that Declaration after Jefferson drafted it, before they all signed it? Jefferson was disappointed in some of the changes. Of course I suppose there may have been some who did not sign. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Declaration_of_I...

So yes, there was disagreement, and yet it was done agreeably.

I would prefer to look at God’s Word instead of Baptist doctrine:

Romans 12:18 If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.

Jesus tells me to love my neighbor as myself, to agree with my adversary, and to bless my enemy, and lots more as far as how to conduct myself and to get along with others
http://www.biblestudytools.com/kjv/matthew/5.html .

Now come back over here and give me some more agreeable disagreement and prove me wrong!

Bear, I suggest you read The Revolution: A Manifesto by Ron Paul

It's very short, to the point, and a good summary of the conclusions that Dr. Paul has come to after diligently studying everything from Austrian economics to the US Constitution -- and not only studying, but personally dedicating a major portion of his life to getting involved in the US government first hand.

There's a bunch of weirdos on the forums, including the ignorant and misled, but also consisting of those that are intentionally attempting to discredit, confuse, and fracture the movement that Ron Paul has inspired.

If you're looking for answers, you're not going to get any better than an honest and thoughtful book from someone you can trust, and that has a lifetime of knowledge and direct experience.

After reading Ron Paul's book, you'll be in a better position to recognize when knuckleheads in the forums are either ignorant, confused, or intentionally misleading people.

I don't have much patience for them, and even though you do, they are wasting your time.

At least read what Dr. Paul has to say first.

Me again

Hey We,

Me again, I am also thinking about taking Tom Woods Liberty Classroom after the kids go back to school. What do you think of him?

You know, the advice you gave me to read Dr. Paul is so simple and yet so profound. How stupid of me to not have read him , except I have a growing family and find myself strapped for time and rarely read because that is all I will do...like now I really need to quit the DP because it is all I want to do...just my personal deficiency at play.

The other thing I was thinking about this morning…I wonder how many of us, not you but those like me, Ron Paul supporters have not even read Ron Paul’s works. We show up here at the DP, we vote for RP, we donate to RP, but haven't read RP.

I wonder if there would be some way to incorporate his works into the DP, either for sale like the silver coins on the front page, or just thru discussion. I suppose they are copywrited tho and cannot be copied portions at a time for education and discussion? It just seems to me that there should also be a way to point people to his work as well as the current Liberty news of the day here on the DP.

I am kind of a doer type. What do you think? (but I am always asking people what they think, go figure).

Goodle up the

Ron Paul Library. There's a lot in there, and it's free.

What is Goodle

I don't know what Goodle is. Do you have a direct link. I tried ixquick on Ron Paul Library and got a bunch of junk. Thanks!

He obviously means "google"

And how more simple can it be than buying Ron Paul's book and reading it. If you don't have time, get the CDs and listen in the car. It amazes me how many claim to be searching for answers and supporting Ron Paul without even reading what he has to say.

Actually, it's not very amazing at all.

Thank you for the clarification

I bought 2 of Ron Pauls books. I did not read them. I gave them to a Tea Party Activist to try to open his mind to Liberty. When I got ready to buy my books I asked if the DP had any so I could support the DP with my purchases. I even put a note in the MOD box. I would like to think that I might of had something to do with that Red Amazon Bar at the top since both me and Mark Twain put comments in the MOD box regarding (that day at his suggestion).

I have listened to every Ron Paul speech I could find this year, I have listened to the financial review panels he chaired this year, I listen to his Texas Straight Talk every week. I have also watched alot of Ron Paul's older YouTube videos. I probably spend too much time on the Daily Paul when I should be reading, but I enjoy my time here. I have often confessed recently that I am too lazy to read.

I honestly did not know what goodle was. I thought it was something I didn't know about.

We, it is not my goal to have you as an enemy.