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EXCLUSIVE: Geithner gambles on Greek default August 20th

Sends personal envoy to Athens with secret promise to protect Greece on return to drachma

Washington sources told The Slog last night BST that Asst Fed Secretary Charles Collyns – a confidante of both Geithner and Greek finance boss Yiannis Stournaras – was on a specific mission to impress on Greek Finance bosses the US Treasury’s sincerity in offering Greece “almost unqualified support in the event of a return to the drachma”. The White House is betting on the strong likelihood of Greece becoming formally insolvent before any more bailout monies are available from Berlin-am-Brussels.

Full story of this and other Greek madness at http://hat4uk.wordpress.com/2012/07/29/greece-exclusive-geit...

Answer me this DP subscribers how can the American government have discussions with foreign nations about bailing them out with American tax payers money while 4+ cites in America have already filed for bankruptcy, 30% percent of pensions are underfunded, social security is underfunded (The average yield on the maturing securities was 5.64% now bonds yield only 1.375% or less.), savers wealth is being stolen and transferred over to broke banks and consumers, I can go on and on but when will this really stop. This is why they are afraid of GOLD because individuals will then have the power to vote with their feet and walk away from the system when it no longer serves them.

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