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Forbes: The Grand Shi Strategy of Ron Paul

By Mark Spitznagel

As the Republican National Convention approaches, the shouts of victory resounding in the tents will easily conceal the broader political forces at work in the party beyond this fall’s hopeful decisive victory.

The strategy of these forces are visible in the past Republican presidential campaign of Congressman Ron Paul. To some, Paul’s stubborn persistence in the campaign has been just that: a stubborn unwillingness to lie down and die despite evidence of sure defeat. But what they have missed is a common misperception of a subtle yet powerful age-old strategy at play.

The strategy of the Paul campaign, explicit or not, is the archetypal shi (pronounced “sure”) strategy expounded and employed by Chinese philosophers and military strategists for thousands of years.

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Sun Tzu said...

"Now the general who wins a battle makes many calculations in his temple ere the battle is fought. The general who loses a battle makes but few calculations beforehand. Thus do many calculations lead to victory, and few calculations to defeat: how much more no calculation at all! It is by attention to this point that I can foresee who is likely to win or lose." I-26

In other words, let us be narrow in planning for defeat - if at all - and focus intently on all calculations that can lead to victory with respect to the ultimate goal.

The more avenues to victory that are planned, the higher the probability of victory will be.

Nice article, but.....

Nice article, but it seems that the GOP engages in enough gestapo techniques and interference, that what should be similar to "water flowing downhill" is more like water just ricocheting off the fake hair of Mitt Romney, or just evaporating in the chemical fumes.

I'm not sure I see any cause for optimism in the age of E-Voting machines, and perpetual War.

The World will have to blow-up, before it is rebuilt.


A monetary collapse will do the trick. Given the awareness of the public to fiat and fractional reserve systems, it will be difficult to blame the upcoming collapse on the free market like has been done in the past.

Monetary systems evolve. They always seem to begin with coinage made from precious metals - the consumer physically has possession of the value the money represents.

Soon, reserve systems replace the coinage. Then, fractional reserve systems tend to pop up. Finally, a fiat system is established - granted the currency does not get debased during the reserve stages.

If the money maintains it's value through the reserve phases and it is made fiat, it can only last as long as the currency doesn't become debased through widespread abuse of counterfeit privilege.

Once the currency is debased and will no longer buy goods on the market, the cycle must be rebooted - the money goes back to coinage or full reserve systems.

Maybe humanity has finally learned this lesson and will prevent another such scenario from ever developing again after the pending collapse.

Very Observant, The force is strong with RP

I have said it before, Ron Paul is using Sun-Tzu, art of war tactics in this political arena. The more the GOP uses force against us the more that same force is turned against them. A recent history channel documentary on Sun-Tzu described how the tactics of Shi was applied in the Vietman war. The USA won every battle but lost the war. The GOP has lost the war, they just don't know it yet.


For shi...

Ron Paul is Kung Fu

Eventually, we will employ Li, but breaking the back of the corrupt is something that should be savored.

Now that's the kind of post I love to read on DP!

Thank you so much for finding that great article and sharing it with us.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox


I fully understand ..

I came to understand a while ago that the Paul campaign, ignoring the potential upset this cycle, is truly fighting for my Son's generation.

Shi indeed! What makes this type of strategy so powerful, is that its opponent, locked into linear win/lose scenarios, is rarely aware what is happening until too late.

The initial rains, a precursor to the inevitable flood, is generally too subtle to be noticed.

They didn't understand Paul's delegate strategy until it was far too late to prevent it (by the rules anyways),

They didn't understand Paul's lecturing stumps, because it didn't seem to be winning him straw polls,

They didn't notice that slowly, and subtly, 'end the fed' became something that 80% of the country supported, until HR-459 came up for vote,

Regardless of what happens in Tampa (and I still hold hope that something is certainly going to happen!) Ron Paul has influenced this election cycle, yes, but more importantly - he has influenced our entire political cycle.

At this point, its too late for anyone to stop it.

Last week I had a 15 min conversation with my Barista at Starbucks. Twenty years old soaking wet, she was taking a moment to remind each customer that there was a very important bill up for vote in the house about auditing the federal reserve that afternoon, and suggested that since our local congressman was undecided, they should call him (she had the number) and chime in on how they wanted him to vote.

She was doing this in a non-biased way, not telling people to vote for or against, but just in the time I was waiting for coffee, she prompted at least 15 people to take down the number.

When my drink was up, I thanked her for what she was doing, which started a conversation about HR-459, and how she felt about it. I never thought I would see the day when a woman 20 years younger, would engage me in a conversation about global economics. Hell, I barely envisioned a day where *I* would care, and (sorry) I used to *WORK* for the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. [I wanted to hug her :p]

By the way, C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger(D-MD) broke with the whip, and voted to support HR-459. In an email I received from him later that afternoon (in response to *MY* phone call) he pledged to continue to support the bill, and acknowledged my request to also pressure the senate to consider putting it on the calendar.

Like so many others here, like so many in general, Ron Paul was integral in opening my eyes to what my government could be, and to how badly our Constitution was being ignored.

Every few days, at least one person in my life, asks me a question about Dr. Paul. I've been a very vocal supporter, *generally* kind, and non-forceful; but clear on where my opinion lays. In recent months, I've had people come back to me, and say things like 'I don't know why I've never seen it before, but he makes sense!'

Instead of telling me what I am wrong about, many now agree with me. They might not understand, nor side with all Dr. Paul's positions, but they side with some of them. More, generally, than Obama or Romney. Integrity, is powerful currency.

Slowly, the water is flowing, it might not be a flood yet, but eventually, it will happen. Its already in motion, most folks just haven't noticed yet.

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Mods or father_abraham, please correct the link

as provided near the end of this thread by RobHino.


The Link to the article has been corrected. Thank You reedr3v for catching the glitch. The tags on these things can be really picky when it comes to the http. :)

~Good Night, And Good Luck~

I recognize the author

I recognize the author, big Paul supporter, from here...

Who bought everything main

Who bought everything main stream media fed them about Ron Paul HOOK, LINE, AND SINKER. A walking, talking, billboard of MSM talking points. All of which aren't true. And who says we don't educate our own.

Great Article!

The link wouldn't work for me, but I found it on Google. Glad I did.


What's the link???

Bla bla bla

More propaganda brought to you by none other than Forbes. I guess Forbes wants everyone to ignore how the media is totally responsible as to why more people haven't woke up to the liberty movements message.

This BS article wants you to believe these slow results are organic instead of manufactured. This BS article wants you to believe this is the reason Mitt Romney will win the GOP nominee while ignoring all the election fraud and misinformation from media like Forbes. If the media had reported the TRUTH and told the public Ron Paul had several THOUSANDS showing up to his political rallies and that he was obviously the most popular candidate in the race, then there wouldn't have been any SLOW results, the results would have been SWIFT.

So these SLOW results aren't because of the liberty movements message and getting people to accept it, these slow results are the result of FRAUD and a group of criminal terrorists who call themselves our media.

The truth is we really don't know how many people are awake to the liberty movement's message, you sure can't believe any percentage given to you by Forbes or any other frauds in media. It could be 10% of the population, it could be 50%, it could be more. You really don't know. Those who are part of the corrupt system sure aren't going to admit they know, they'll play stupid, just to stay in power. Just like Forbes obviously does.

But they want you to believe this will take a long long long time so they will stay in power a long long long time.

I told you people how to wake up the rest of the country, and do it in a few weeks, it's still there in my profile. I've only made two posts here so it's easy to find. Instead, just like the zombies who watch main stream media, you ignored it. If everyone gets together, and confronts the rest of America, it's game over for the terrorists in control today. Because once these criminal government workers know that everyone else knows what criminals they are, paranoia will start setting in and they will either go nuts trying to face the public or they will quit and go hide under a rock. That's why my idea is full proof, they will no longer be able to use their media to hide behind their lies and crimes, because the people will have already been told and shown that the media is only there to help these criminals lie and commit their crimes.

The time for waiting is over, NOW is the time to confront and conquer these evil doers, there's no excuse to wait any longer. We have the numbers to accomplish our goal. There's still time to accomplish this goal before the GOP convention. And yet you refuse. Why?

Or should I say WHY !

But give you drivel like this pathetic propaganda article, and you eat it up like candy, giving it more likes and more comments than you gave mine. And here we sit, looking at slow to no results, while the evil doers laugh in your face. Keep listening to the evil doers and you'll keep continuing to be their slaves.

Doing what Ron Paul tells you to do is not the answer, it's very clear he takes his orders from them, this whole Audit the Fed thing is what the evil doers want. The evil doers WANT the Fed gone so they can bring in a new WORLD currency instead. You and I don't have to do squat to get rid of the Fed, Ron Paul wants you to believe you need to put all your time into helping him audit the Fed, instead of doing something more constructive like I suggest. But then I don't take my orders from evil doers. I'm not the one who has been caught sabotaging our efforts in order to drag things out. What's Ron Paul's excuse. Or better yet what's yours.

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Your plan would take a lot of organization;

it takes more than dropping a suggestion and thinking others will implement it. If you strongly believe it can work and are inspired, get it going and others may well support it and work with you. You received a fair number of thumbs up.

Perhaps in your world your

Perhaps in your world your advice makes logic, but I'm not from your world, in my world grown men, strangers, bow down to the ground just for having the honor of being in my presence.

It takes more than dropping a suggestion and thinking others will implement it? Tell that to Charles Manson and see if he begs to differ.

If those in the liberty movement refuse to heed my advice, it will be their fate which suffers, not mine. I can only lead them to water. I can't make them drink it. They have to want to do that on their own.

Your help is needed...

to help Romney delegates see the light!!


Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

Excellent article

I would also recommend "The Art of War" for any of those who have not yet read it.

I sent this to Carol,

and she just wrote back that she & Ron hadn't seen it. They liked it very much & were glad to get it. I wouldn't have known to send it, if you hadn't posted it here, FatherAbraham. Thanks!

Such a profound article, that

Such a profound article, that rings true in every way. We ARE the future!

Fantastic article

I look forward to the future of the Liberty movement. Soon enough we will hit critical mass of the public mindshare.

We all need to remember this

'the race is not to the swift' (Ecclesiastes 9.11)

The Right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be Infringed!
"You cannot invade mainland America. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass." Isoroku Yamamoto, Japanese Admiral

More interesting info on SHI...

The original post has a messed up link. Here is the correct link.

Here is some more interesting info on shi:


Authored by David Lai, Faculty at U.S. Air War College

Indeed, shi is such an important concept that Sun Tzu, the Chinese grand master of military strategy, uses it for the title of a Chapter in his Art of War, the world‟s oldest military treasure. In this chapter, Sun Tzu has discussed four key aspects of shi. First, it is the idea of qi and zheng. Zheng is the regular way of doing things, or in military terms, the regular order of battle. A commander deploys troops in regular (zheng) ways. However, the commander must mobilize his troops to engage the enemy in extraordinary (qi) ways. Zheng is, in essence, a given. It is open knowledge to friends and foes. Yet qi is a variable and its variation inexhaustible. The second aspect of shi is about creating an overwhelming force with irresistible unleashing power (a grindstone against eggs, and the strike of a hawk at its prey). The third aspect of shi is about developing a favorable situation with great potential to achieve the political objectives. Finally, shi is about taking and maintaining the initiative. As Sun Tzu puts it, “those skilled at making the enemy move do so by creating a situation to which he must conform.”

These aspects of shi are also found in Sun Tzu‟s discussion of other key concepts in the Art of War such as deception, stratagem, intelligence, deterrence, and so on. Sun Tzu maintains that these key concepts are vital to victory; one must study and master them during peacetime; and it will be too late to consult experts (books or specialists) when grave occasions arise. In essence, Sun Tzu suggests that national leaders, political and military alike, make strategic thinking and employment of tactical skills part of their second nature.

How does one nurture this second nature? Learning and practice are the ways to go. The author offers a new approach to learn and practice Sun Tzu‟s strategic and operational ideas—through learning the game of go. Go is of Chinese origin and is the world‟s oldest board game, yet still remarkably popular and viable. It is probably the most sophisticated game as well. This game bears striking resemblance to the Chinese way of war and diplomacy. Its concepts and tactics are living reflections of Chinese philosophy, strategic thinking, stratagems, and tactical interactions. This game, in turn, influences the way Chinese think and act. This work brings to light another important feature of this game—its connection to the Chinese military classics. The four key aspects of shi in Sun Tzu‟s Art of War are also guiding principles of go.

In the American culture, many liken the American way of war and diplomacy to the games of chess (power-based fight), poker (bluffing and risk-taking), boxing (force on force), and American football (in many ways, resembles the American war machine). The game of go is different from chess, poker, boxing, and American football in many key aspects. While the American way of war has its strengths, a little knowledge and experience of the game of go will be a valuable addition to the American political and military wisdom; and it will take U.S. political and military leaders a long way in understanding the Chinese way of war and diplomacy.

Continue reading...


I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


Thanks for the real link and a...

great read!

LOVED that!

Thank YOU!

Sent it to Carol Paul. Hope she shows it to Ron.

Here is the real link to the

Here is the real link to the article. http://www.forbes.com/sites/realspin/2012/07/29/the-grand-sh...

Great Find!

great find!


Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

That's a great compliment

Seeing you are one who has many great finds!