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Baking Sourdough Bread and Politics

My Apoligies to my DP family for the last few months. I have been a total A hole! No this is not an apology to the GJ trolls, it is a deep felt apology to my family here at the DP. They know too whom I am speaking.

Most of you that care, know, I have been expanding my business. The trials and tribulations that go with that are not published enough. With the buyout we picked up three more employees. I am struggling to keep them all. I really don't know if I can.

Recent post here on the DP have not made my decision making any better. People like Ashman, lib, Ty the Man, Mr Kotter and many others makes me think that all is in vain.

Most of you know what Susan and I have been through this last year and I am thankful for your support and prayers. I personally could not have done it without you. I am really concerned if Dr Paul is not elected but, If he is not the nominee then I will hunker down and lord help the individual that comes to my door.

Now on to the Sourdough part of this conversation!

This one practice has been my saving grace. I bring my EXPERIMENTS(Loaves) to my neighbors and family. I told them that if I can't exeriment on them, then who can I experiment on! It has been a slow learning experience but maybe I learned a little about the good doctor.

I have been doing this for about 3 months. Some good results and some really horrible(LOL). My last episode was really good. I am making some tonight. With some Sh*t on A Shingle ( military men will know) it should be quite good.

The whole point of this post is not to forget, or to quit! It ain't over until it is over. The Bread don't rise until you prepare it properly and knead it enough. If the doctor doesn't win then we didn't knead the loaf enough. He prepared the dough. We weren't watching and didn't knead it enough.


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Never had chipped beef on sourdough before, sounds yummy. Is that served with pickles?

I used to serve Sour Dough pancakes at my Cafe, Hummingbird Cafe in Springville CA (When my lease was up for renewal the landlord decided to let it to a relative, and the business, under a new name folded in less than a year). CA LOVES it's sourdough.

Of course you and Susan are in my prayers, and as for your recent disposition, the way I see it, we all have an a-hole and take our turns being one. Ironic how some folks call a bowel movement, a "Constitution". (chuckle)

You just be YOU BMWJIM.

I love you, and will call first before I show up at your door for SOS sourdough. ;))

BMWJIM's picture

LOL! Will have it(SOS) tonight for the first time since

San Diego, 1977 boot camp. Fixed it many times for friends and family on regular bread many times.

It is funny you write about CA sourdough, for that is the recipe I am trying to make the perfect Sourdough Bread Starter. It has been quite a trip for we are at a low sea level and much humidity.

I improvise as I do with many recipies.(Please excuse my spelling) (Wine does that,LoL!)

My Dad taught me that you must NEVER follow directions as written for it doesn't belong to you. If you change it, the person that follows you, must change it to belong to them.

He is a great guy don't you think? He made the very best Gumbo you could imagine. That is UNTIL, I learned to change it to make it my own! LoL!


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

Ah Cher

I so happen to have a big bowl of home made sausage and chicken gumbo in my refrigerator, as I have been eating it since yesterday, and it's soooo good, I'm looking forward to having it for dinner.

I start with a dark roux, also, when I attended University Southwestern Louisiana, I learned to make green gumbo, which many folks know nothing about. Crawfish Pie, Jambalya, File Gumbo.. boy do I mess Professor Longhair.

When I moved up to Springville, near Lindsay, what used to be the Olive capital of CA, (I was born in San Diego, La Mesa) there was a little farm stand, Carin's Corner, that catered to cowboys.. he had a huge selection of cajun food, and I asked him, "Cher, why do you have all this cajun food?" And he tells me about the connection between Louisiana and CA, horses and cows (from race horses to cattle drives). Made me think of Jesse Colin Young, who I think understood that connection.

So I hope you have yourself a good crock where you can give your starter all the peace and quiet it needs while it feasts and farts what will become the best sourdough any S for a S ever laid on, Cher.