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Flashback: Lest We Forget – Why We Need A Gold Audit – Fake Gold Bars In Fort Knox!

FLASHBACK: Lest We Forget – WHY WE NEED A GOLD AUDIT – Fake Gold Bars in Fort Knox!

Posted By: Billsbest
Date: Sunday, 29-July-2012 18:55:26

Posted by Bill Rummel

If you think the Eurozone crisis is cataclysmic you haven't seen nothing yet…..IF the US gold reserves of 8,300 tons are fake. We would never be forgiven for hoisting such a criminal fraud on the people of the world. We should come clean while we still have a remnant of honor, and conduct an independently verifiable audit of our nation's gold, where it is, and in whose possession before it's too late. It may be so already.

Could this be one of the undisclosed current drivers of gold's price higher? We have seen no US Treasury evidential disapproval, have you? This might be the smoke shielding a panic buying by the world's central bankers. Similarly, their custodial gold held by the NY Fed could, indeed, be "look-a-likes – but don't touch" and the real gold gone "poof!" Will Treasury shift blame for their embezzlement scheme onto China?

Support Ron Paul, and the American people will get an authentic, independent physical audit. Not the paper of "proof" from some Insider accounting firm. The other presidential contenders don't walk the talk like statesman Paul.

Fake gold bars! What's next?

A recent discovery — in October of 2009 — has been suppressed by the main stream media but has been circulating among the "big money" brokers and financial kingpins and is just now being revealed to the public. It involves the gold in Fort Knox — the US Treasury gold — that is the equity of our national wealth. In short, millions (with an "m") of gold bars are fake!

Who did this? Apparently our own government. Read full story>> http://chasvoice.blogspot.com/2011/09/lest-we-forget-fake-go...

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Makes me more acceptable

to the fact that I can't afford gold investments. I think I'll stick with silver in all it's modesty. Get burnt playing in the big leagues.


Rand Paul

should go check it out for us.