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So Basically The US is Not a Democracy or a Republic, But a Dictatorship

For some reason I cant get over this reality. This is the first election year in which I saw the nomination/election process become hijacked from the beginning. The endless zeros that were recorded during the voting process is proof enough for me. This is not a conspiracy. It happened right before our eyes. I sometimes hear that the American people are stupid because they want Mitt Romney, but they don't want Mitt Romney. They want Ron Paul.

Theyre able to get away with everything because perception is everything. Those who create perception are responsible for selling what theyre told to sell. The newspapers, TV, and mainstream sites such as Drudge are all actors paid to promote this ridiculous WWE match between Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama. They're even on the internet: Nearly all "legitimate" websites reported and are still reporting patently bogus delegate counts. The media could have just as easily created a false reality that Vermin Supreme was to win everything. Seriously. What are we to do?

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I tend to believe that the

I tend to believe that the failed coup of which Smedley Butler spoke about in the thirties was succesful in the long run, though it was done covertly using blackmail and bribery. Once the banks gained the legal right to create new money, they set about trying to buy the government. How hard do you really think it would be to bribe, threaten or assassinate every influential person in the government if you had an unlimited supply of wealth at your disposal?

Pretty much.

Thanks for posting.

One could respond "Yeah, but the Republicans, no matter how

corrupt, aren't in power - so how can you think that their behavior at the convention was that of a dictator?"

The answer of course in that the same political structure under which THOSE guys were acting to forcibly nominate Romney - is the one that will make sure Obama is the other choice.

Since we have two virtual clones (despite their looks), yeah we live in a dictatorship.


But there's always next election.

I laughed...

...I cried.

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"Dictatorship" infers absolute power.

We are moving in that direction, no doubt, but we are not there yet.

Undo what Wilson did

I don't think this 'tyranny'

I don't think this 'tyranny' is ever going to look openly, and I mean OPENLY like one until it is destroyed. Most 'tyrannies' in recent years have been that way. A rule gave an illusion of 'choice' to his people, or at least the rest of the world, until the day he was overthrown.

We are already there, what's left is just the puppet show that is their attempt at making it look 'un-tyrannical'.

How many more "executive

How many more "executive decisions" till we can just be honest about the situation?

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Oh no - we are there already. Romney and Obama are figureheads

or puppets - the real dictator is behind the scenes.

But the way that the Executive Branch is grabbing absolute power - oh yeah - we are there.

the worse part is that the major news media networks facilitate

the current system, even FOX. Over the last 6 months observant Ron Paul supporters were schooled more ways than one. We have had a better education in practical US government than what money can buy, actually it did cost many of us millions and unfortunately depending on upcoming events possibly the future of our free nation.
Anyone familiar with my postings and my replies to other comments may notice that I do not cut Jesse Benton much slack and I will explain why.
I do not feel that I am much different than many other Ron Paul supporters, I have voted 3rd party all presidential elections but I have never been too involved in politics. So before Iowa I thought that it would be a slam dunk for Ron Paul to win early primaries and sew up the the nomination creating a snowball effect in his favor. In fact, I would write letters to journalists that I kind of liked telling them not to overlook Ron Paul thinking that I was going to help keep them ahead of the curve. I used to think that the other journalists who laughed and rolled their eyes whenever the subject of Ron Paul for president came up were just ignorant. HA! I was the ignorant one.
I thought that since nobody votes in primaries, any candidate with a passionate following would have the greatest advantages early on. I knew Paul's supporters were motivated enough to go through the mundane process of showing up on dreary cold days in Iowa and New Hampshire to lay the groundwork for landslide size victories in those states. Well, I was half right.
First of all, the GOP can only be trusted to do one thing. And that is to do whatever they want to do. So all of these journalists that laughed in our faces while using Ron Paul as the butt of their jokes knew something that many of us did not. The established RNC/GOP would never allow Ron Paul to be their nominee, and that the nomination process is a rigged game. The established RNC/GOP see Ron Paul as an outsider, and certainly do not want "change" in their party. The fix was in for Santorum early on, but the "party" came to their senses after absorbing the fact that Santorum would get eaten up in a general election. Now they are holding their noses in support of Romney.
Back to Benton, he is still trying to play by their rules. I am by no means a professional campaign manager, but anyone can look at my past posts and replies to see that I am not just holding this position because of hindsight, I am on the record for holding what I feel would have been a winning strategy. We should not only have gathered delegates, we should have descended in mass to all of the early primary states early on to have overwhelming numbers. This call should have come from the top for organizational reasons, and we should have kept a presence until voting irregularities were sorted out. There was plenty of advance warning about voter fraud before Iowa, but what was done about it?

the first thing you need to learn, are the meanings of the words

democrat is Greek. it means people power. republic is Latin, it means the public thing.
start at the beginning with Americans, they are as dumb as a box of rocks!

To expand and clarify

Demos - People
Kratein - To Rule
Democracy = Rule of the People, Majority Rule

Res - Thing
Publica - Public
Republic - Public Thing, The Law(Absence of Government Rule)

I think people really dont understand how these work, like you said.
Democracy is still a ruling class.

Republic is no ruling class, except those elected to regulate equal laws against everyone, even themselves.

very good explanation!

and info people need! people are very confusticated....
I am in Hot Springs, lets have a drink someday.


Wake Up

Military! What are you fighting/killing for?


and more specifically we are a Fascist Dictatorship.

Technically when any one in Government

becomes simultaneously the Head of State, President of the United States of America and Head of Government, The President of the United States that person becomes DICTATOR..... why don't you people get the Truth?

Vermin Supreme - i Like

I would vote for Vermin Supreme before Romney!

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
Albert Einstein

Vermin Supreme - i Like

I would vote for Vermin Supreme before Romney!

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
Albert Einstein

The first thing off the top of my head...

is to do this:


We need every state involved. We need your help. It's easy and takes little time.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul