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Do Not Stop Spreading the Message

There are so many good videos out there which explain the current state of affairs in our nation, with the cartel banking system fully exposed in them.

Let these videos spread, and others like them that show the full extent of corruption we face.

If everyone capable of it can download and put to DVD a few dozen videos and pass them along....it could do much, much good. (you can get free software to download from youtube/convert/make dvd's from sources like cnet or download.com)

Without a doubt, nearly all mainstream media sources are controlled and manipulated to keep truths from the people and promote agendas. This includes hollywood movies, network television, national public radio, mainstream internet sites, as well as books, magazines and other literature.

In 2008, I was an average hard working guy, too busy with life to pay much attention, and would only glance at the television news now and then. Any time spent on the internet was at sites like yahoo, and playing games. I did not even know that Paul was running for President. Did not even know his name.

One day I downloaded the movie "Spiderman II". When I went to watch it, the movie was actually the movie called "loose change". It was while researching that subject further on the internet, that I first discovered Ron Paul.

It is of the utmost importance that we continue to make out of the ordinary efforts to spread any and all information we can to inform the public and facilitate change.

Here is one Video to Watch...but there are so, so many out there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMqb_WrnVTc&feature=related