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Video: Marine stuns Tea Party with Fourth Verse of The Star Spangled Banner

I’ve read a full spectrum of comments throughout the various posts deriding the elderly. You younger ones will be glad when we are gone so you can take over and do things your way. That is the natural order of things, however, you seem to think that the elderly are holding you back, are out of touch and actually caused these problems you are so eager to fight. While that may be true in some individual cases, I can say with certainty that the older generation was fighting this war, this battle for liberty, long before most of you were born. Our fathers fought for it and our grandfathers fought for it before them. Our ancestors back through all of time have fought for freedom and liberty.

For most of us, WAR is something that happens to “other people”. It’s something we see on television and can turn it off when it gets to be too much to bear. For others now living and for our ancestors it was real, immediate and life threatening. Unless you have been “over there” in the thick of it, you really have no idea what it’s like. It isn’t a video game. It isn’t glorious or heroic. It’s dirty, bloody, mind numbing, horrific and terrifying. It’s HELL. Our fathers, grandfathers and others lived through it.

Now I see some of you would like to have the elderly gone and out of the way. Well, believe me, we are GLAD you are so willing and enthusiastic. We have waited a long time to see a generation with your vision. You give us hope that our fight has not been in vain and that you will carry on. We envy your youth, health, strength and vitality for we are tired. God awful, bone weary tired.

Every generation has its own battles to fight. This is nothing new, nothing different. But this time it’s your fight so give it all you have. One day you will be the elder generation and your children and grandchildren’s generations will want YOU gone and out of the way. Just remember, we are not your enemy, we are the ones who came before, the ones who fought the good fight when we could. We are the ones from whom you must take up the banner and march forward. We can only hope that we have taught you well.

May this silver haired Marine give us all inspiration.


(I received the link to this wonderful video today from a friend. It brought tears to my eyes and I thought people here would enjoy it. The video is 2:14 minutes long.)

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Great Voice

I'm not sure the point -- that if we had the whole of the song we'd only fight in just wars?

From a Meme-Emotive standpoint, those extra verses are more powerful.

Is swearing loyalty to a flag is another form of ancestor worship, or hero-worship, or self-sacrifice before a false-alter of devotion?

Is "patriotism" synonymous with "individualism?"

Patriotism always has some difficult pills to swallow for the "greater good" -- I hear plausible-deniability, I hear collateral-damage, and I hear "anything" for an ally.

There is a powerful abdicating force behind Patriotism.

If by religion people have done "everything" un-imagineable (and justified) what would patriotism allow one to do?

The one million deaths by rape and machete in Rwanda -- do you think the machete wielders felt any-less patriotic or more so?

Religion has "just war theory" (easily side-stepped, historically speaking)

Patriotism has no "just war theory" (march straight on).

sharkhearted's picture

Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just.

I hate (read HATE) this line.

And if you are a liberty-lover, then you probably should too.

But watch a little bit about this conquer part...and then you decide for yourself.


Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

I understand your position.

I agree with you and thank you for this link. I checked out the website and bookmarked it. It's late and I'm tired so will try to see these videos tomorrow. It looks like this website has a good handle on the source of the problems we face.

I actually despise this

I actually despise this entire song, and was once kicked out of a Tea Party meeting for not rising when they sang it. I know the history of it, blah,blah, but is just too warMONGOLISH to me.

Thank you for your

Thank you for your contribution.

sharkhearted's picture

"Conquer we must...when our cause it is just."

Sorry...from an ex-neocon whose eyes are opened to our "conquers"...many of whom are UNJUST...I can not accept this line.

Especially in the neocon excesses of the past 20 years where many thousands of our own young brightest and best military no longer walk this earth (when they should still be with us...no thanks to the UN and NATO) and then many hundreds of thousands of children starving in Iraq under Madeline Albright and many hundreds of thousands more of collateral damage in Iraq in Afghanistan.

NO! Hell no.

Remember that one of the key indicators of fascism...is extreme nationalism.

The truth is much more apparent and less shrouded in "our just causes."

It is raw and disgusting and stats don't lie.

There are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands that are dead which shouldn't be.

Try to rationalize that one away....

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

You are so right.

"When our cause it is just"

Other than the Revolutionary War, (and there are those who have doubts about that one), NO WAR has ever been "just". Even the so-called "civil war" was a set up.

Millions of lives lost and people slaughtered, all for the sake of lies and greed. Incessant meddling in other countries affairs and deliberate destruction of economies. The list goes on and on.

They take our boys, our CHILDREN, off to kill other people's children, and tell them that it's the 'right thing' to do. It's their 'patriotic duty'. Those that do come back are maimed for life in body, mind and soul. I have examples in my own family and I suppose everyone else does as well.

I realize Francis Scott Key wasn't thinking of these things when he wrote his poem and, in his time, I suppose the war seemed like the right thing to do.

None of these things were intended by our Founding Fathers. They had just fought a war for independence and they made it clear that we were not to get entangled in other countries problems. They laid down the correct path to follow but it hasn't been followed since then. Protecting our home and country from invaders is one thing, but being the aggressor and destroying others is quite another. Our "cause" has NOT been "just" through all these years and millions have suffered and died because of it.

Thank you for your level-headed perspective.


Every bit of it... The post and the video.

I had never heard the fourth verse. I will remember this moment.

I appreciate your standing up all these years. One way or another, your effort will not be in vain. We will continue the fight, and someday, we will win. The truth is a powerful weapon to wield.

Thanks for your courage.

I am humbled.

You have me in tears again. I've been overcome since I saw this video earlier today.
I think of the waste, in lives, families, health, money and entire countries destroyed by the endless wars. My heart aches for the human misery.
Just think what could be accomplished if we were not constantly warring with somebody!

May God bless you always.

May you be blessed to!

The pleasure is all mine.

We are all in this Together!

And Wow, That video was Awesome.

Im a near 30 year old Australian, I loved that video because I believe in what America was, I believe in Freedom!

The World needs to unite and fight for FREEDOM!

Welcome to Australia!

You are so right, Freedom is a world wide need of all people. Never give up the fight.

wow, That's strong

feel it


Me too.

Very powerful to see that guy singing from his heart. It's plain to see he truly loves America. I cry every time I watch this.