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Does anyone have a link to video of the Olympics opening ceremonies?


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Those... lights.

Very Weird Indeed

Very Weird Indeed

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

In depth read on olympic ceremonies and occultism

I watched the ceremony Friday night. Weird and dark is quite the understatement. Yesterday, I found a link to an eight part series that explains the Bejing closing ceremony in detail and correlates it with masonic and occult symbology. At the bottom of part 8, there is a link to the 2012 opening ceremony with in-depth anaylsis. NOt a link to the ceremony in its entirety but many photographs to explain the author's viewpoint. It took me a few hours to read all 8 parts on Bejing and I have not yet finished the 2012 link series.

Very interesting indeed. Here is the link.


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I looked

for it the other day.

I happened to catch some of it on TV, just because I was curious about its history of occult symbolism. It certainly did not disappoint.

It was pretty strange. Even the announcer on a couple of occasions said "I have no idea what this means," and even called the bedtime thing with the kids "creepy."

What is mind boggling is the thousands of people who participated in this without knowing any of the (possible) meaning behind it. The masonic and Pagan influences were woven all throughout the "ceremony," and the stadium itself.

The "Queen" looked like she had no soul. Just a cold empty stare.

Danny Boyle is the guy who choreographed the whole thing.

He used to direct some TV show in the 90's where they tracked a murderer who would supposedly leave behind masonic symbols as clues.

I'm not saying I agree with all of the speculation, but a great deal of this seemed to have NOTHING to do with sports.


Hi Jefferson!

Hope you are all mended and healed after your hospital stay.

I checked out your google link and it's got me hooked. Started watching the one about symbolism in the medal and will finish watching it in a litte while.

All this may have nothing to do with sports but, think about the concept of the Olympic Games as a whole and not each sporting event. This may be a stretch on my part but, Romney criticizing the British about how to organize a world event seems to me to not be about sports either. Just about who is going to reign supreme in the NWO.

Thanks for posting the link to all that info!

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
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Been wondering about that, myself. Thanks for asking

about it, true_believer. Haven't really heard much about the opening ceremony and didn't watch it. Just know there was something about it that was freaking people out.

Thank you, too, Kristi for the link to a creepy part of the ceremony. I watched that and am left here wondering what in the world (or netherworld) is that all about. I have a few guesses but, I could be off the mark.

Anybody got some more insight on that?

Bump for discussion.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

You're welcome!

I had find it last night after I read some comments about it on another thread. The "Bedtime Story" was supposedly based on fairy tales, but it just seemed so dark and Satanic. It just didn't fit with the "family-friendly" atmosphere that the Olympics usually have. I'm glad that I didn't watch it live with my kids. It probably would've made them have nightmares.


Reading the original fairy tales, like the old Grimms and Aesops... idk that stuff is all pretty dark.

Eric Hoffer

The Mr. Bean bit

I posted the Mr. Bean skit from the ceremony here:

It's a full time job keeping a working video up of that, above, they keep getting taken down...it's working now.

Check out http://iroots.org/
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Mr. Bean is awesome.

Eric Hoffer

Here's part of it.

There's more on the NBC Olympics site, but this is the creepy "Bedtime Story" video that a lot of people have been talking about. http://www.nbcolympics.com/video/2012/opening-ceremony-olymp...

So all the Mary Poppins chase the Boogie Men away?