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Video: Romney the Vampire meets Obama the Zombie

An original stop motion video made with loving care from a Ron Paul supporter in Nashville, TN.


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Its like a manmade alien attack.

Two neocon liberals fighting it out.
On the set of a Freddy Kruger flick.

So sad it could almost be comical.

"I dont even know what youre

"I dont even know what youre talking about. Thats crazy."


I thought...

I thought that was most appropriate also.. thank you.... :)



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Far out!

Far freaking out!


Best ever.


That is FANTASTIC!! I can't stop laughing! Maybe Bret Baer will use one at the end of his show since he likes to have something funny to close it with. If your vids go viral and you show the people how ridiculous these clowns are - we'll get 'em. You've done an EXCELLENT job! I'm also looking forward to more vids from you. You do the movement proud!

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That would be highly appreciated... though highly doubtful.... but thank you.... :D!

Thanks y'all..

A special thanks to you Joseph.. :)!
Ron Paul or bust!

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this is great!

I could see a whole series of gags in stop motion, they are fun to watch and I like the use of real audio clips from the perps.

One suggestion- there is nothing zombie-like about big ears. How about Obama having an eyeball hanging out and blood around his mouth? Zombies are supposed to be scary, not look like Will Smith.

I wish it was a bit longer!!

Great for a laugh..thank you.

How about Count Obamula in a skit where he breaks into the Medical Cannabis Dispensaries with his Federal Gestapo Gangsters and ruin peoples lives in an effort to crack down on a NON TOXIC VEGETABLE? That would be fitting for that lying scumbag.

Cannabis Hemp Oil CURES DISEASE

Really Funny

....and at the same time shows through satire just how ridiculous some of this stuff is.

I don't like grits ...but thought this was a terrific break while putting some things in the perspective they deserve.

Hope you do more!


what if the govt used 1% v 99% to pass a citizens bailout bill.

here are my thoughts on how it would go down:


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Awesome! Just one technical


Just one technical thing to point out... When listening in stereo, much of the dialog is panned hard right.


Period "."

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Please Make More of These....

I'm laughing my arse off...!

Ramblin Randy

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Hilarious. Wonderful.

Thank you.

"I like grits"
"You didn't build that."

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thanks for the nice