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Billboard Compares Obama to Aurora Shooter - Liberals Freak Out, Play Race Card

MSNBC has an article about a billboard that compares Obama to the Auroroa shooter. The comments are priceless. Everyone says the sign poster is a racist, an idiot, a rightwing extremist. I couldn't find a single comment that acknowledged that the sign is factual. Why do people get so upset over the truth when it is inconvenient (to borrow a phrase from them)?


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The people who play race cards are racists

Rather than address the issue, they resort to "Color", after all, Obama is not black, he's mixed race, which is something Americasn don't have an issue with, though there may be a very small minority, they are not a consideration, but used as a red herring to divert the message.

Furthermore, I think it's the Democrats who put this up, so that can play the race card before the eelction.