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An Economic Prophecy: Would you support a Citizen's Bailout Program?

What "we Are The 99 Percent!" And The Individual Mandate Have In Common?


The individual mandate written into Obamacare is unprecedented in that never before this could congress force a citizen into commerce. Before its passing congress could only regulate EXISTING commerce. The individual mandate also sets precedent for social organization on a scale you thought wasn't possible in the U.S.

After the first signs of hyperinflation occur, I suspect congress will invoke its spending powers to pass immediate emergency powers forcing consumers into "Voluntary" transactions via legislation intended on preserving the welfare of the nation.


Each county commission will be given a list of companies along particular channels of production (all within a program created by fed. leg.)that is designed by our money masters (sold as environmental) as a last ditch effort for sustaining growth. County Commissions will assume price control positions regulating this particular program so that all consumers of these particular giant companies can benefit from the low prices,

THE CATCH, as long as the individual participating in the "citizens bailout program" pays a percentage of their salary according to their suspect class, and as long as the delegated bank has authority to administrate such funds, then the individual is assured low prices.

The money taken from the bank is considered a re-investment into the program (not a tax) as a way to insure the largest institutions in the area does not fail, but marketed as a way to bail out consumers with low prices.

The participating bank will automatically withdraw from your account a percentage basis according to your "salary class" among program members. This will be a variable rate fixed to inflation.

The Sheriff will have the police powers in seizing assets whose value are in excess of the percentage basis fixed by the mandate. If you decide to switch to a non-participating bank and benefit as a member of the program without paying the percentage of your salary necessary to qualify, then the programs bank will report you to the IRS.

the IRS will write a revenue ruling allowing the IRS to audit individuals on grounds the commerce clause is broader now (because of the healthcare individual mandate). The IRS will proceed to audit all individuals and issue an order to seize property or start taking wages directly from your employer.

Those citizens caught will be charged with defrauding the U.S., and a severe civil penalty will be attached to their salary.

So here's what happen when Romney was asked about his reaction to crises in an executive role:

Governor Romney: do you think it is unconstitutional for a President to go to war without a declaration from congress?

Mitt Romney: Well the first thing you gotta do is sit down with your lawyers and go from there.


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Lemme get this straight...

So, If I don't give up (yet, another) percentage of my wages to support a broken system I won't be allowed to purchase provisions at a reasonable cost?

Sounds like the same economic warfare that pushed the Vikings to rape and pillage... Yeah, that will fix the problem.

Another term for preventive war is aggressive war- starting wars because someday somebody might do something to us. That is not part of the American tradition.
-Ron Paul

interesting . . .


I'm still wrapping my brain around it; we don't want to be involved with Obamacare, so we will pay the penalty or be . . . imprisoned?



it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I'm for a Preemptive bailout

simply put, don't take my money in the first place.........for anything!