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White House chef says future food to be made from chemicals, not real food ingredients

(NaturalNews) Every two years, a consortium of Europe's most active minds converges at the Euroscience Open Forum to discuss the latest advancements in scientific research and innovation. But this year's meeting, which was held in Dublin, Ireland, featured a disturbing workshop held by White House executive pastry chef Bill Yosses, who explained and demonstrated to audience members how the food of the future will not actually contain real food, but rather various combinations of lab-created chemicals that mimic food.

As reported on Six One News, a feature of RTE News in Ireland, Yosses and several other food experts showed a live audience how to create various foams, gels, solids, and other food-like textured substances out of chemicals that, when combined, resemble things like lemon souffle and chocolate pudding. These food scientists then shared samples of these laboratory creations with audience members, who were told that the imitation food products are the wave of the future.


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reedr3v's picture

The Prez would be an excellent test subject

for all of his poison-producing corporate Ag and Pharma buds.

Food Science has already replaced Culinary Arts

When it comes to good jobs, that is no longer what chefing is, but it has become food science.

Feeding people with alergies, diabetes and on Chemotheraoy are the patrons of todays chemical replacements for food. Many people trying to lose weight substitute sugar and fats. Energy bars, liquid meals, egg substitutes are all available now.


Soylent green is people