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"Quick Kurt" Ad Pays Tribute to "Fast Paul" (Wellstone) Ad from 1990

Thought I'd share a copy of the Kurt Bills email I received this morning. I hope my fellow liberty candidates from around the country can help support Bills as much as possible! Amy Klobuchar has a significant lead in funding. Lets work to replace corporate lacky Amy Klobuchar with a Ron Paul endorsed liberty candidate! Donate to Kurt Bills at his website!

BLOOMINGTON, MN - The Kurt Bills for US Senate campaign has taken a page from Paul Wellstone's 1990 campaign and released its first advertisement named "Quick Kurt."

The ad mirror's Wellstone's 1990 campaign advertisement, featuring the candidate running hard and working fast to overcome his opponent's fundraising advantage.

Wellstone was the anti-establishment candidate in 1990, as Bills is today. In 2012 the Democrat is the candidate of big money, special interests, and Washington power. The Republican is the little guy who is a teacher riding around the state in a school bus.

"Quick Kurt" also points out votes Amy Klobuchar has taken that Wellstone would never have.

"We don't have Amy Klobuchar's big money, her Washington and Wall Street allies, or big labor on our side. But we have the right candidate with the right message, and we will work hard and fast to get our message out," said Mike Osskopp, campaign manager for the Bills campaign.

"This campaign we are the underdog, just as Wellstone was in 1990. Amy Klobuchar is the candidate of Washington lobbyists and Wall Street. And just like Wellstone in 1990, the underdog is going to win," Osskopp concluded.

The advertisement is now up on YouTube and can be viewed at: http://youtu.be/x-NuxSDkEzo

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Kurt Bills Moneybomb Aug 3-5

FYI, we are having a Kurt Bills Moneybomb Aug 3-5. This is a great opportunity to add a Liberty Senator to the Congress! We can't let this one fall to the establishment candidate.