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Ron Paul Republican is running for office interviewed by Matlarson10

Here is State house of Representitive candidate Dan Kaiser. Dan is running for the South Dakota state house in district 3. Dan's section of the video starts at about 32:30. Feel free to check out Dan's website at www.kaiserforhouse.com. And if possible please make a donation of any amount.

Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEgWDUE7mMM&feature=plcp

Dan Kaiser official site: www.kaiserforhouse.com

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Please help keep this thread

Please help keep this thread bumped! To help Liberty candidates like Dan Kaiser & further the cause of our R(3v0LUTION!

South Dakota Liberty

South Dakota Liberty candidates.

[] Dan Kaiser House Rep. Dist. 3
[] Jon Hansen House Rep. Dist. 25
[] Brian Liss House Rep. Dist. 13
[] Brock Greenfield House Rep Dist 2
[] Issac Latterell House Rep Dist 6
[] Jenna Haggar House Rep Dist 10
[] Manny Steele House Rep Dist 12
[] Stace Nelson House Rep Dist 19
[] Lance Russel House Rep Dist 30
[] Mike Verchio House Rep Dist 30
[] Don Kopp House Rep Dist 35
[] Betty Olson House Rep Dist 28b
[] Jim Stalzer House Rep Dist 11
[] Tim Begalka Senate Dist 4
[] Ernie Otten JR Senate Dist 6
[] Phil Jensen Senate Dist 33

Dan was a Ron Paul delegate

Dan was a Ron Paul delegate in both 2008 & 2012