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This poor Iraqi guy wants a visa. What can I do to help him?

I work for a website who has some associated clients that're of questionable merit--payday loans and stuff. An Iraqi guy apparently looking for a visa found our website through one of these questionable clients. He sent in a contact message:

Hello am men 50 from iraq i have 2 sun and2 doter i get and mi family much sufferance here plies help me i cant stay here any moor with mi respect . abd

abd is his name apparently.

I sent him an email from my personal address asking if he had a paypal account so maybe I could give him some money. Maybe a bit naiive of me, but he replied:

Hi i have 2 sons and 2 daughters we are Iraqi family we destructed after 2003 because of the thief faction hows now commanding iraq they take mi locus bi force and mike in his plies mosque they mike trouble to me because i refuse the say you are against the religion after that thy send message in said it shoot to mi big son they say if he continue study they will kill him and and and if i tell you what happen to me it need many hours and i have document for oll this sufferance . dear friend iraq is destructed since 1979 and abut send me money i refuse am men really men prefer death than supplicate dear friend what i need help me to get USA visa to start mi life there and am thank you with mi respect to you . abd

I'm not sure what he means by "locus" but I get the gist of the rest of it. I respect that he'd sooner die than supplicate.

Since I do in part feel responsible for the terrible things our country has done or allowed, what can I do for this guy other than link him to a pdf work visa form? (And where would I find that, anyway? Rudimentary googling hasn't helped.)

Thanks, guys.

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The writing style and

The writing style and spelling errors seem very contrived. I wouldn't help without physical correspondence thru mail or by phone.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

I ultimately couldn't help him

All I could do was link him to the basic visa forms. You can't even apply for a visa unless you have a relative that lives here, and the cost to e-file the forms is $900+. I expressed how terrible I felt that I couldn't help, and he responded

Tanks at your interesting at mi cause dear friend after they teak mi small manufacture bi forced in 2005 the live bi black in mi eyes and am thinking oll the people is bad but you make me change mi idea there is stay good people in the life dear friend am dieing thousand time in day as i se mi family need some thing and i can not get it to them and am healthy and am have good avocation . i can t change mi principle and work with this stealing governance and even i want work with him they don't allow. .abd

Fuck. Poor guy, this shit makes me want to cry.

Send money to the wrong

Send money to the wrong people in the Middle East and you can be picked up under the Patriot Act and the NDAA. I'd be real careful before you helped anyone nowdays. Sadly, you are running a risk if you want to extend a helping hand.

Blessings )o(

I think this is a hoax...probably from Nigeria.

That's just my opinion. Most of these type emails come out of Nigeria and it is a big scam operation.


I checked his IP and it's from United Arab Emirates, though. And the "iraq is destructed since 1979" comment feels pretty real. Also if he was just from Nigeria I have a feeling he'd accept money. I have no idea, anyhow.