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Jason David: A Father's Plea (Emotionally gripping video in favor of medical cannabis)

This video is really one of the most sad I've seen on the topic of the Feds verses cannabis users for medical reasons. We've all seen the wheel chair bound guy asking Romney and Paul what they thought about legalization of cannabis for medical reasons. This is the effect of the policies that the executive branch is bringing down on people who truly need cannabis for survival every day.


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EVERYONE needs to get this through their heads!!


Stop calling it Marijuana! Its CANNABIS HEMP! Stop looking for ways to Decriminalize it! IT MUST BE LEGAL TO GROW FROM ONE END OF THIS PLANET TO THE NEXT!! FOOD/FIBER/FUEL & MEDICINE. This plant is a GOD SEND and we MUST elect public servants who will fight to make this happen..its pretty pathetic that our Fed. Gov. has filed for and received a patent for any and all MEDICAL USE of this plant while busting down the doors of those who are sick in pain and dying! And how can they do this and still keep it as a Schedule 1 drug???? F-ING GREED that's how. WE MUST FIGHT THESE EVIL BASTARDS!! Dr. Ron Paul is our only hope........

Cannabis Hemp Oil CURES DISEASE

Not only

should we not need to ask permission we should not listen to them when they make ridiculous rules like this one.

Nullification is the proper response

It is immoral, unconstitutional, anti-Christian, and downright criminal, in my opinion, to deny a sick person ANY medicine that would help out that individual.

For those who would deny this, I ask: where is your compassion?

I agree, such laws should be ignored altogether!

"Run from the Cure" by Rick Simpson

Anybody should see his amazing story and more at http://phoenixtears.ca/video-library/ -->

Here is his first documentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=0psJ...

Just my 2 cents: We get f*cked on a daily base by the pharmacy lobby.

I pray for this man, and want him to know that...

...he doesn't have to beg "Obama or Romney or whoever is out there" to save his child.

This is quite humiliating for him to do this.

States can NULLIFY these tyrannical acts by the federal gov't. COUNTIES can do the same.

The problem is Americans putting their trust in the all-powerful federal state/bureaucracy.

God doesn't want us to put our trust in the arm of the flesh, but in Him. And the way we do that is not to beg an unseen power in Washington DC, but to march our butts down to the local sheriff and city council and educate, educate, educate these LOCAL elected officials.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

Are Americans Pathetic or what?

No doubt I'll get flamed on this but so be it. I felt sick to my stomach when I saw the first few seconds of this video. I couldn't watch any more of it. Not because of the poor guy is suffering from some illness but because of the victim mentality and the consequent groveling. Have we Americans become so victim mind-setted we can no longer stand on our own two feet? Whose government is it? To see a fellow American beg and grovel to our psychopathic employees for what is in all contexts his own rights? Isn't it time to stand on our own hind legs and DEMAND our servants recognize and adhere to the basic Spirit of America - individual liberty? Cannot we do that any longer? I say stop with the victim mentality and assume your rightful role of BOSS and OWNER of our government and stand forthright in personal sovereignty. Be an adult and take charge of the immature and foolish adolescents who have seized control of the keys to the family car and liquor cabinet...

the govt has an agenda that supercedes the people right now

which makes this disheartening in the least that a quality herb would save a boys life and the govt would do more to kill the boy.

im waiting for parents to sack up and send their dying kids to every capital hill in the country with a bag of weed and see what our officials do about that

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

This poor father is aligned with intelligent fools

These people are their own worst enemies in my opinion.

If they could just drop the schtick with the San Fran cult presentation they could do more to decriminalize and liberate this God given (like our freedom?) gift.

But as others here have said... "they will fuck it up..." by pandering to the taxers
who will enable the Monster-santo's who will just come in aided and abetted by the corrupt politicians and pervert the industry in every way imaginable from monopolization to genetic destruction.

The authoritarians...

The authoritarians and warmakers hate and fear cannabis because it makes you peaceful.

Freedom is my Worship Word!


it makes you think outside of "normal" which the TV has worked hard at getting people to do.

What I don't like about this

Is that Harborside wants legalization that pays enormous taxes, and promises to grow a massive government/ police state.

Putting sick kids up as an example is a dirty way to fight, because how heartless a person must be to say, "Hey wait a minute, You're wanting a government that cares for you from cradle to grave. As long as the government gives you your "medicine".

My second beef is the word "Marijuana", Marijuana is a slang. Using a slang word is not going to get us anywhere in the court system. It renders the fight to a joke.

Third, since so many people prefer recreational cannabis, why isn't there ever a movement for using cannabis recreationally? What's the shame in that?

Maybe you know that the Emerald Triangle and Harborside have been at odds a long time. The Emerald Triangle does not agree that the medical marijuana industry need to grow a government/ police state. And it deeply bothers people in the Emerald Triangle that organizations like Harborside, who remain open because of the extraordinary taxes they pay, never get shut down, but try to FORCE the laws of San Francisco on us, where we have are own laws that decriminalize cannabis for medical cannabis. We like decriminalization. We have voted for it repeatedly. We don't try to FORCE decriminalization on them. They should leave us alone, except there's something in the water here, that makes these crops (probably the lack of chemicals in the water) a prime grade many prefer over their own indoor/ chemically grown stuff.

There is an important

There is an important distinction between legalization and decriminaliztion. In addition to the taxes and statist issues The Granger points out here, I remember reading a few years ago that there are huge corporate forces (think Monsanto)lined up (and set up) already to corner the market with their copyrighted seed strains and make huge profits once Cannibus is legalized. It would appear to me that decriminalization, not legalization, may be the most free-market approach to this issue.

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

what a shame--

are those who work for Monsanto without souls, or do human beings swallow their consciences daily in order to live?


Thank you for pointing out the difference between legalization and decriminalization; I hadn't thought that far, never having been a drug user (of any kind)--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I don't like that it's being pidgeonholed for medical purposes

only. If it takes this long just to do that, how long will it take 'til we're able to just hang out on our porch and smoke just because we want to relax with friends?


Is voting in Nov to allow non medical users access to dispensaries. It will almost certainly pass. I too am troubled that the conversation is 'let me smoke and tax me' rather than 'go Fuck yourself it is none of your concern', but alas we compromise with the state to get a little bit of what we want. The threat of Monsanto weed is a real one, but companies that have been growing for years (and making enormous profits) should be well positioned to compete when the market opens up. Even as I wrote this I realized that the "federal regulations" will be written to make certain that current agribusiness will be given a massive competitive edge over the upstarts. It's just criminal.

I Say Grow Your Own

I mean, why not?



It also bothers me that it's not a fight for industrial hemp.

Cannabis, food, feed, fiber, fule, medicine, and yet it remains a war for medicine, and the rest is ignored, neglected and even fought against by those who focus on the medical side.

Harborside is way too liberal for me to support. I think the do a great disservice to everyone, fighting to be the only one.

I think Ron Paul and Barney Frank Are doing that

Or am I mistaken? I really thought they had a bill recently that tried to legalize hemp.


You are correct, THEY ARE

But what they lack is the "grassroots" backing them, like they do Harborside. There are no protests, magazines, marches, rally's for industrial hemp and recreational cannabis to empower and show the will of the people. Industrial hemp is so expensive, it's become a luxury and beyond most folks ability to consume.

I'm not familiar at all with the Harborside situation. I'm in TX

But I get the feeling from your comment that they are taking the wrong tack. Just like you said, we can buy hemp textiles for clothes, but we can't grow it here. We can get hemp seed oil for our smoothies, but we can't grow it here. We can study it's possitive effects on tumor suppression but...yep, we can't grow it here. Paper products, chemo, chilling out with a movie. It's more of a lockout from industry giants than anything else.
And yet, how is it negatively propagandized? Health and productivity.
It's complete idiocy. It's embarrassing actually.

You sure have a way with words

Maybe you should write more about this becasue you have a gift, I wish I had. Really well written response. I LOVE IT.

Please write more.


You butter me up like that, I'll write a thesis.

I need to read up on the politics of California and Colorado---what's working, what's not, which wheels are greased and which are not.
I've been spending most of my time on the biochemistry of that wonderful plant. But I've got room for political info. If you have anything to throw my way, please do.

Ask anyone here, and they'll tell you

I don't butter people up.

I call it like I see it, because I'm willing to be wrong, knowing that's how one get educated; by telling the truth with guts to take the consquences.

There is tons of information on the net available to you.

Jack Herer (RIP) was my original source in 1992
Jack Gardner is my favorite today, and another honest voice, not a sell out, doesn't pander, great resource.

Cannabis needs honest, strong, scientifically acurate, voices that are willing to be politicaly incorrect.

There is a market. I suggest you go for it. Start with articles and go for the top, Rolling Stone, for example.

You will find people coming to you to write, and your books will probably write themselves.

Don't be shy. Don't back down. Don't give up.

GOOD LUCK and may God be with YOU!

I say legalize it for

I say legalize it for everyone to enjoy the benefits of this beautiful plant.


I was reading the other day that pharma's version---Merinol---has killed four people already from OD. Sorry gov, pot doesn't do that.