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Poll: Should Congress Have Power to Audit the Fed?

Poll: http://iroots.org/2012/07/31/poll-should-congress-have-power...

Are your senators co-sponsors of the Audit the Fed bill S.202?
Go here to find out:


And let them know what you think!

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Maybe If Congress Isn't Going to Do the Job and Audit the Fed,

then We the People should vote on it at a national level. I bet we would win by a landslide to have the Fed Audited and then the next national vote would be "Should the Fed Be Abolish?" Another landslide victory to have it abolish. Maybe we don't need Congress anymore. Maybe We the People could take control by voting nationally on how things in the United States should be run. Look at all the money we could save if we abolished Congress and the Senate too.


Yes. According to Federal Reserve Act of 1913

Sec. 30. The right to amend, alter, or repeal this Act is hereby
expressly reserved.

Repealing the Act would be preferred. It will take the economy 5 years to recover from the affects of the Federal Reserve System once it is abolished.

Free includes debt-free!


Bernanke is a god, above all men and omnicient. We are but amoebas before his greatness and should grovel for his crumbs and be grateful.

LOL what are these people thinking?

Hope you'll share this poll - it's kinda "Duh!" for us, but for the casual FOX voter - it may be good - and it includes contact info for Senators to see if they sponsor it.

Check out http://iroots.org/
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What kind of question

Is this? Congress didn't even have the legal authority to create the Fed, but some people think they shouldn't be able to monitor its activities?