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I want to send my son to Paulfest Chip-in

Update: I'm renewing the chip-in since it didn't make it's goal. It was $165 short.

Original Post:

My son helps me out a great deal with a lot of things, especially with my finances. I'd like to pay him back by sending him to Paulfest. I figured that with the cost of travel, lodging, food, tickets, etc, it would probably come out to be around $500 for a 3 day trip to Tampa.

I've set up a chip-in and if anyone could help out with a couple of bucks, it would be such a great gift to give my son who's done so much for me. :)

Thanks for everything <3


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Help Him Pack! ;-)

Congratulations! You're Funded! (handing you kleenex for your tears of joy) ;)

Ummm, howz he going to do all that on $500??? :( (Is that enough?)

Hugs from us to you and your boy!

Thank you for all you've done; and joy and well-wishes to him!

Bus Ride

Check this out:

It may help? (Just thinkin'.)

Chip-in Date

Can you please extend your chip-in date for contributions?

You are listed here under non-delegates, but it won't accept contributions.

Thank you. :)

Thank you for letting me

Thank you for letting me know. Here is the new chip-in for the remaining amount

just a selfish bump for the

just a selfish bump for the last day of the chip in

please don't remove. I

please don't remove. I appreciate being included on there :)

OMG!! Mr. Young.... THANK YOU

OMG!! Mr. Young.... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! You are waaaaayyyy too generous. Are you sure that amount isn't too much?? I'm getting teary eyed right now :*)

Money for Tampa


Good luck

I wish I could help!
You have helped so many here.
Thank you and again, Good luck.

Formerly rprevolutionist

thank you. my son does so

thank you. my son does so much behind the scenes. I hope he gets to go. It's nice to know that others are just thinking about him. :)

Can anyone please help for Paulfest?


Please Bump.

sovereignjanice has helped a lot of rp supporters.

thank you :*)

Thank Sovereign Janice


Thanks for all your sharing and knowledge to RP supporters.

He's gonna go alone? :(

Right now I'm not even sure

Right now I'm not even sure he's going to go at all. So much of what he earns goes to my finances that he doesn't ever get to go anywhere for himself.

this post needs some love

this post needs some love