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There is something happening here

I just checked ABC News' online poll and it had 24,000 of the 27,000 votes cast for Paul.

You could argue that there is someone fixing the result, but whatever the case, it's clear that Dr. Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate generating excitement among young people.

I watched the debate last night with the Meet Up group in New York City, and you could feel the excitement. Watching the debate it was clear to me that:

- despite all the rhetoric, all the other candidates were pro-government (Romney calling for an Apollo program for ethanol! Guiliani saying that we need to train our soldiers for nation building!)

- despite all the criticisms of Bush, there was only one candidate calling for withdrawl from Iraq.

- there was very little talk about the economy and the threat of inflation. What a shame.

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Blessings from New Zealand

Recieved this in the inbox, and thought my fellow Americans would like to know:

Though I grew up in New Zealand for years I have read of the dark shadow that for generations has grown across the USA despite the brilliance the founding fathers embedded in your Constitution. From where I sit, even at this late stage of the debasement, Ron Paul is the only voice I hear that isn't distorted and could restore some integrity to the White House from the rest of the world's perspective. May God bless and protect him. -G

The best way to show media up

Personally, I believe the best way to show the mainstream media that Ron Paul is a frontrunner if not the most popular Republican candidate, is to go to Paul's website and donate some "moola".

Unfortunately, that's what it will take to get his message out there with the media and corporate picked "frontrunners", being propped up left and right by these special-interest foreign and domestic elitist.

I've pledged a monthly donation until he has wrapped up the nomination.

America is at a crossroads in 2008, we will choose Liberty or we will choose the alternative "Death".

As for me and my house we will vote Ron Paul.

Ron Paul winning poll on Bill Mahr's website

Bill Mahr has a poll going for who will win the Republican nomination. Guess who's winning. Go vote.

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San Jose Mercury News has a story about the debate that you can comment on without a login. See it here: http://www.tiny.cc/h8Mx7

Paul to appear on Tucker Carlson?

I just got this from the Tucker Carlson show. Whole email:

Date: Wed Jun 6 11:12:00 2007
From: Rummel, Jessica (NBC Universal, MSNBC)
Subject: RE: Ron Paul

Hi David,
Thanks for writing Tucker and the show! Tune in at 4pm today to see an interview with Rep. Ron Paul

-----Original Message-----
From: David [mailto:_dgs3@excite.com]
Sent: Tuesday, June 05, 2007 2:46 PM
To: Tucker
Subject: Ron Paul

Tucker, Hi I'm writing to express my desire to see Ron Paul appear on your show. Of all the candidates for President in 2008 Ron is definitely the most interesting and the most news worthy individual. He has already appeared on Jon Stewart, Bill Mahr and Dennis Miller's radio show. He has obviously had a huge impact after the second Republican debate. His money contributions have increased four fold, his you tube site is one of he most visited and the fire storm around his exchange with Rudy has generated mass amount of interest. I would think that having Ron Paul on your show would not only be of great interest to your viewers but also draw some Ron Paul supporters to watching your show.

David G Stone III
Buffalo, N.Y.

Ron Paul on Tucker

I just caught Dr. Paul on Tucker, and as usual, he came with it.
Thanks for writing MSNBC and specifically Tucker. It seems
like they considered your request and brought Dr. Paul on. I get
the feeling that Tucker is deep down a Ron Paul Revolutionary,
considering he asked Dr. Paul to come on everyday and school
the public on issues of liberty.

Jah Bless!


Jah Bless!



Folks, I'm outraged. I know that polls can't be trusted, but why do polls that show overwhelming support for Paul get removed? I'd bet money that a poll showing overwhelming support for Rudy McRomney would be highlighted on every news channel!

This isn't some game with me. I want Paul as my next President! And I show my support by voting for him. Where are the other candidates supporters? Are they not net savvy? I read the comments from the poll and see where many people think that Paul supporters just "spam" the polls and essentially make them useless, hence why they are taken down. I refuse to have anyone in the MSM shove a candidate down my throat because my guy can't win.

Listened to Hannity on the way home yesterday and a caller phoned in to voice support for a candidate named Jim Cox and to have him on his show. Hannity said that he wanted the caller to face reality that "your guy is never going to win". He went on to say that we get hundreds of Paul supporters calling as well. So, in essence, if you have not been ordained by the MSM as a viable candidate, you have a snowball's chance of being elected?

Voter turnout is what, around 30 - 50%. We need anyone and everyone that believes in Paul's message of liberty to get out and vote. Get him on the primary ballots and get him on the national ballot.

Bring the troops home

I was stunned by the last question where the woman in the audience asked about bringing the troops home from Iraq before a govenerment is setup, otherwise they would just go back to following some terrorist dictator. Hello? Isn't this one of the precepts of nation building? How much of the American public feels this way?

I get the impression that "well we've made a mess over there, so we'd better clean it up before we can come home." If that is the thinking, we'll never come home! And who is to say that even IF we were able to get help the process and establish a solid democratic governement that it couldn't or wouldn't be overthrown at some future point. We must realize that that part of the world thinks very differently than us.

Again, we invaded Iraq for OIL and want to setup a government that is favorable to us and our OIL interests, especially one that involves profit sharing. Iran will be the same thing.

We're not fighting terrorism (which is a tactic as Ron pointed out - NOT the enemy); we're fighting a war to secure our own OIL interests in the Middle East.

When will the American people wake up and realize that we need to get out of there. If Iraq needs help with a governement, take it to the U.N.

Excellent Responses

Missed the debate due to extra-curricular work and just saw the highlights. Wow! I love Ron! When watching him, it hit me why I like him so much; he gets you to think. The other candidates seem to be interested in soundbites or tickling the ears of voters. And they run on a platform of different guy, same old government.

We need a change. What did it take before the colonists revolted against King George? What inspired them? Liberty! Have we become so complacent with government intrusion that we relinquish our will to fight back at the injustices our own government commits? Think of Eisenhower and his quote about the military industrial complex. Well, what do we have today! We must return to a path where individual liberty is the cornerstone of our government and society. Yes, this is a different era, but liberty knows no time.

I truly hope the online polls are indicative of the support that Ron Paul would get in a primary or national election. If so, he'd win in a landlisde.

monetary policy

I was very much hoping to see Ron Paul talk about fiscal responsibility or monetary policy. What can you do with only 5 min 50 sec though :/ Next debate I really think he should hit hard on that. 1) it's his strong suit, and 2) there was a recent UN report warning of a US dollar collapse due to our real national debt at 59.1 Trillion. On this I think he could go on offense and make Rudy and the gang play by his rules. The Mozedeq overthrow in '53 thing was good to hammer on again, but still responding to Rudy's previous attack. Challenge them all on sound money, and Ron Paul wins!

Excellent point

I completely agree, Dr. Paul has yet to show his true strength, i.e., the sound understanding of economic policy and constitutional goverance that attracted so many of his early supporters to him before his candidacy was announced. I would also add that on the Daily Show interview, rather than simply acknowledging that there will be a medicaid/medicare/welfare phase out, discuss why the government's intereference in such matters has bred corruption and the enoromous costs on consumers that it has. He can do this eloquently in both the realm of theory and from his experience as a doctor, to make the point even clearer and more personal to the voters. Also, with the acknowledged fear of many neophyte free-market proponents that if you take out the government then corporations will run the world, Dr. Paul has to respond with the fact that they already do run the show and that the government's involvement helps protect them from the market through subsidies and the way our tax system is set up. Keep the market free and the tax code fair and competetion will bring out the services that we need.


I thought the debate was horrible. Ron Paul for the most part was ignored and I also like how they set him up at the end of the line with the "main 3" right in the center. What can we do?? I have little faith in the American people. Most will vote for whoever fox news or cnn puts in front of their face. They wont use the internet to research all the candidates. After last night, I kind of feel defeated and I dont know what we can do.

What We Can Do

These venues are almost a complete waste of time and I agree that most voters will not research the candidates and will vote for whoever FOX or CNN puts in front of their face. Ron Paul supporters nationwide must accept that Dr. Paul cannot win over the American public through these so-called 'debates' and the limited media coverage his campaign will see. We must embark on our own campaigns to educate our communities. We have to engage the disenfranchised. We have to speak to young people about a draft, to parents about their children's futures, whatever it takes. We have to alert everyone around us to the liberties we've already lost and just what is at stake. This takes time and effort and we're all busy so it's difficult, but just look back a generation or two at the sacrifices that were made for us and it becomes impossible not to do this. Whatever we can do has to be done and there are no excuses.


Hold your horses jrb. Nothing is ever straight to the top. There will be little victories and little defeats along the path to victory. We are not going to win everything all the time. Stay true to your course and keep your head high and don't be distracted by all the crap being discussed by main street media USA. You are on the right team and you know it that is what is important.

Win it all with Dr. Paul!

Win it all with Dr. Paul!

What we can do

What we can do is keep talking about Ron Paul. Get a Ron Paul bumper sticker. Get a Ron Paul T-Shirt. Donate to the campaign. Name recognition is a very big part of the game. Help make "Ron Paul" a household name.


An early swarm of support for Paul via bumperstickers, window signs, comments on political blogs, MeetUps, and letters to the editor of your local paper are all excellent ways to build early momentum. I remember that this is what the Howard Dean campaign did with great success -- remember, he took the Democratic establishment by suprise.

You can get his offical schwag here: http://www.cafepress.com/RonPaul_2008
I already oredered 2 bumperstickers for my family's cars. These items are being sold at cost so don't forget to send the campaign a contribution!

What we must do

Is make the main stream media look so out of touch with what's really going on that they will be embarassed for not putting Ron on their shows and when they do they will have to go overboard to show they are "with it". I wrote to a couple of upstate New York newspapers pointing out that the "new" media (Jon Stewert, Bill Mahr, Dennis Miller and Colbert) are all featuring Ron. I pointed out that the "old" media is so out of touch and so in bed with the establishment candidates that people should be outraged. I think keeping this type of heat up will not only strike those who are erked with traditional media but Americans love an underdog. I also write to all of the media news shows who have not had Ron on (tucker,paula zahn, lou dobbs, face the nation, tim russert etc.) everyday requesting Ron on the show. Also write to those who have had him on and request him again saying you loved the show it was great having someone one with those ideas etc. We need to keep this kind of heat up.

please post how we can help

about two months ago I posted about the same thing, except I cited writing to columnists like Buchanan, Sowell, Will, etc... and the need to write them and make an articulate and persuasive case for Dr. Paul. Your idea is far superior given the immediate media appeal of Face The Nation, Meet The Press, etc..., do you have links or addresses to those that you consistently write. Please post them so others can join in making the case to those you listed.

Update to my last one

tJust got this from some one at Tucker's show:

Hi David,
Thanks for writing Tucker and the show! Tune in at 4pm today to see an interview with Rep. Ron Paul

Talk about encouragement. My suggestion is to simply go to the show websites. All the CNN characters have fill in the blank e-mail forms. (Wolf, Paula, Lou Dobbs) The msnbc crowd (Obermann, Matthews, Tucker) you have to email countdown@msnbc.com, hardball@msnbc.com and Tucker@msnbc.com. Face the Nation is ftn@cbsnews.com. You'll have to google Russert. I'm playing the Buffalo hometown guy with Russert. Wolf went to University at Buffalo so I'm playing that up. Also, local newspaper opinion ads. I have all the upstate New York major news paper websites. They don't take outright political endorsements but if there is an observation on political events they will.i.e the lack of coverage by the main news outlets of the growing Ron Paul phenom. :)


I bought a shirt, bumper sticker and a yard sign!! Its just so obvious what they are doing to him it makes me sick.