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RNC Makes Historical Changes To Snub Ron Paul in Tampa

As many here know, Ron Paul is having a Pre-RNC Event, Sunday, August 26TH. The RNC seized this as an opportunity to "make historical changes", which will affectively eliminate Ron Paul and his delegates. Their message is: "You are with us, including YOU Ron Paul, or you're against us."

(CBS News) Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, who has conceded that he will not win enough delegates to garner the Republican nomination but has not dropped out of the race, will hold his own event on August 26 in Tampa, the day before the Republican National Convention begins.


From the 2012 Tampa bay Host Committee:

It has finally arrived: The 2012 Republican National Convention.
In fact, in less than 26 days, the Host Committee’s Welcome
Event will take place on Sunday, August 26, 2012 at Tropicana
Field in St. Petersburg.. This marquis event will kick-off the week
of the Convention like never before. This is an inaugural event
which will be the first of its kind in the history of a presidential
nominating convention. Traditionally, delegates and members of
the media have been welcomed separately during two or more host
committee events; however, these events will be combined into
one monumental occasion that will showcase all of Tampa Bay,
including Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater.


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Maybe I'm confused or missing something here.

IMO..the delegates are there to do one thing...and the folks attending Ron Paul's event are there to do another.

The delegates go where ever Romney's delegates go...and vote when they do..regardless of any rallies, fests...ect. Sorta the "keep your friends close, but your enemies closer" type thing.

Anyone who is NOT a delegate gets to go to which ever RP rally / fest they want...they are only there to show the support and size of the Liberty movement and our commitment to NOT backing down and going away.

I don't understand how "our" delegates could be left out of something unless they somehow get herded away from the "real" event...so if they shadow the Romney delegates they wouldn't be drawn away from the "real" event right? Sure, they might miss Dr. Paul speak..but in truth..he says the same exact thing every time..so what would you be missing as opposed to ACTUALLY getting the chance to nominate him?

So am I having a blonde moment again?

It Is A Fact

...given the "invitation" posted below that the "welcoming..hand out packets" event is AFTER Ron Paul's Rally.

If there is any reason for delegates to not attend, the Campaign will tell the delegates and alternates.

We all are triggered by the language used to describe the pre-Convention event; however, my read at this point, unless more information comes in, is that the Convention will go on as planned and we have a "good" chance that Ron will be nominated and we will have an opportunity to voice our message in some manner.

The Ron Paul Campaign is holding their noses and working within the system in the best manner possible, focusing on the goals and the most we can hope to gain. Rather than jumping on every "injustice".. those legal avenues where we have a have a chance to "win" are being pursued in the right manner by Campaign lawyers and individuals through their own attorneys.

There is a plan. I think we should trust that the campaign knows exactly what they are doing and if in any way attempts are made to "blind-side us"...these moves are being anticipated in advance and those with a job to do at the Convention will be informed and prepared. The next two weeks should be a time of focus, not emotion and reactions.


I Totally Agree

Time to put the shock and awe box down and pick up the Liberty, Justice and Freedom Bell. Ring it loud and clear.

Love to you for the calm and sanity.

It appears

that they are trying to find an excuse to keep oromney's delegates away from Liberty peeps. They do not want anyone to want liberty or to be converted to the liberty movement.. Power is what they are about.

Keepin' it real.

So Granger

Is it definite that they actually "worked with the Ron Paul Campaign" to get them a spot and a time and then set up a roll call?

Is it really not later in the evening? I just can't believe it.

Hope we get confirmation soon. Or have you heard from anyone that your "read on it" is correct?

So does that mean that with MSM (and GJ's help) they have said Ron Paul has dropped out...Mitt is not contended...they set us up in a stadium...and then set up a roll call at an overlapping time?

This is really crazy.



that's what I'm thinking. Overlapping time when RP has his rally while the real vote is going on because they sneakily changed the time at the last minute. This orignated as a dem tactic.

Keepin' it real.

I don't have any facts fonta, but what you see

It just seems to me, they were happy to put the Ron Paul event in one place, and then go ahead and have their own event in another (put him out of the way). Ron Paul's event is 11 to 6 PM, I'm not sure of the times of the Host Committee. I keep checking news, the latest http://www.bizjournals.com/tampabay/news/2012/07/31/host-com...

I haven't heard anything, and I hope no news is good news, because this is something I would like to be wrong about. I'm basing my idea on my experience with conventions, as a 7th Degree Granger (National level and attending national conventions, much like political conventions), Gosh, I've been to a lot of conventions, and at all conventions, first thing you do is sign in and collect your badge and package.. But Maybe "Historical" means that is changes too?

We all know that Ron Paul has not dropped out. They are dropping him out and playing hard ball. IMO

While I think some of them are crazy, I think it's just more business as usual, with MSM covering for them, as the NWO turns into reality.

Doesn't This Invite Posted


State that the RNC event is at 6:00? Are we sure there is a problem?
It would make sense to have a welcoming event the night before to hand out packets and passes and schedules.

I am sure hoping it is no more than that even though the press release wording is strange. Guess we will know soon. Sending out a prayer that this is nothing more than an arrogant press release ...but no real change.


Yep... good find

Ron's event ends, when the Host's begins. I'm jaded enough to think there will be check points along the way for DUI/ RP sticker prefered.

I just have a healthy mistrust of the GOP at this point. Too many dissapointments for me to expect anything fair.

I've got a long day tomorrow so I'll check up when I can, in the meantime, know I love you!

i appreciate your efforts,

i appreciate your efforts, but at times you are seeing into something which simply isn't there.

this has NOTHING to do with RNC business. it is a way for the city to look good in front of media and the delegates.


Just seems like another tactic to get Ron Paul delegates to stay home from thegranger.

That's totally twisted

Shame on you.

That is Twisted

Then again, there's a group of these trolls who have resurfaced here.
They must've gotten off-duty from under the bridge.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

They need the funk

OK, If YOU say so

Why the welcoming committee is involved with the FEDERAL ELECTIONS COMMISSION is way beyond me. That truly is HISTORICAL.


"No Big Deal" is not an answer.

This is for the RNC, so to say it has NOTHING to do with the RNC is not correct.


http://www.fec.gov/about.shtml :

"The duties of the FEC, which is an independent regulatory agency, are to disclose campaign finance information, to enforce the provisions of the law such as the limits and prohibitions on contributions, and to oversee the public funding of Presidential elections."

www.fec.gov/info/chthree.htm :

"In addition, local officials and business figures may establish "host committees" to promote the city and its commerce during the convention. These host committees may receive monetary or in-kind donations from local businesses, municipal corporations, government agencies, labor organizations and individuals to further their promotional efforts. The committees must register and file reports with the FEC, disclosing all of their receipts and disbursements. They are also audited by the Commission."

"After the convention, the Commission audits each committee to ensure that public funds were spent in compliance with the law."

In addition

Critics contend that this supplemental spending undermines the concept of public funding of conventions: "Besides questioning the rationale for the use of public funds, the infusion of large amounts of private dollars makes the accompanying expenditure limits meaningless."14 Many critics argue that the public grant should be the sole source of convention funding. These critics have been particularly concerned about donations from sources that cannot legally contribute to influence federal elections. They point out, for example, that corporations and labor organizations may make tax-deductible donations to municipal corporations. As noted above, these corporations may provide facilities and services for the convention, including not only traditional city services such as police and fire protection, medical facilities and special bus service for delegates, but also such benefits as rental of the convention halls and upgrades of their facilities. Municipal corporations are not, however, required to file reports with the FEC.15

Ron paul did not accept any corporate funding, so again, I see this as a corporate coup to out Ron Paul.

But this is one of those topics where I relish being WRONG AS HELL. I don't believe I am, but we shall see, eh?

it's better to err on the

it's better to err on the side of conspiracy and to question everything, but then there's taking it too far, as well.


I just don't see the GOP doing anything any different to us than they already have.

Triggered Me At First , Granger

However, I am having an optimistic...very positive day ; )

Ron Paul followed all the rules with the GOP and worked with them in determining both the location and the time of his very important Rally. If, indeed, they turned around and made this event at the same time, that would be more than a snub...it would signal many things. If this "inaugural" event (don't care what they call it) is early evening then I cannot think of a better sequence of events...in fact, it is a perfect set-up.

The Paul Festival which I have from day one felt was a snub will take place and those who are attuned to that kind of thing will go and, hopefully, some will have an epiphany. Not *all* speakers will forego the opportunity to truly honor Ron Paul, his candidacy, his legacy and what he is about to accomplish at the Convention. Some will go...hmmm?

Then, Chuck Baldwin, who is more in line with Dr. Ron Paul's platform and especially "values" than anyone, will give a 'sermon' Sunday morning (send-off to Rally)for those who choose to attend. I would encourage everyone at PaulFest to consider attending, because I think it will be a sermon like you never heard before. Why? Chuck Baldwin is a great friend to those who understand what Ron Paul is doing. While, Dr. Baldwin was vocal about Rand's endorsement, he and Dr. Paul have since had discussions. He not only will never EVER endorse Gary ***(see link)*** he will set the proper tone for those who then travel right after the sermon to the most historic Rally that has ever taken place..Dr. Paul's.

At Dr. Paul's Rally everyone will be exposed to the *best* in human character and values as well as the most intelligent platform ever presented. Many delegates will proceed *after* the Rally to this just announced "event" cheerful, clear-headed and anxious to conduct themselves in such a manner that they meet other delegates and present the Face of Ron Paul at the RNC during this "party."

In addition, at the Rally, Dr. Paul will spell out what he hopes takes place at the convention...he will rally the delegates (real reason for Rally) and they will proceed to the convention firm in their convictions, loyal to Dr. Paul, excited about their prospects and the adventure of making history. Also, they will conduct themselves as Dr. Paul does and always has.

For those listening online and unable to attend: There may be some "reading between the lines" so remember that the Campaign has been in close communication with most delegates...they already have their "marching orders." Think not for a minute that there is chaos and confusion.

All is well!


First time I've ever disagreed with you.


Delegates and alternates have a JOB to do.

That means the JOB is a higher priority than seeing Ron Paul, going to a "fest" or a "party" or Ron Paul's even OR ANYTHING.

People VOTED for the delegates and alternates, delegating their power to them to represent them AT CONVENTION, not at a party, regardless of WHOSE party it is.

So, no. Delegates and alternates need to be PRESENT AND ACCOUNTED FOR AT ALL OFFICIAL CONVENTION EVENTS 100% of the time.


See what happens as soon as you get a little power or privilege? See how slippery that slippery slope is? Justifying why you dont have to do the job the voters sent you to do for whatever reason?

If you are not present at the convention from open to close, Sunday to Sunday ON THOSE MOTHER F-ERS LIKE A G-D RASH ON THEIR @SS, then you are just another slimy politician who promises things to voters and forgets them the day after they are elected.

Oh, I Must Not Have Communicated

...very well because I agree with you 100%. It is a job and a commitment.

And, they BETTER go to all "official" events and all days of the convention and, after reading a post on same subject, hopefully will stay in official hotels.

Even the RP Rally is not more important than that...it is just a "Rally" ...and a send-off and my impression was that it IS for delegates and alternates. Right? Hope all who go feel "rallied and ready to go." I hope anyone who cannot attend Ron Paul's Rally for whatever reason, also feels "rallied and ready to go." We ARE on the same page. But am glad for your post because it can't be said often enough or more clearly that there is an important "job" to do at the Convention...all of it and it has nothing to do with music festivals and liberty speakers. Hope everyone who has a job to do keeps their eyes on the prize..in August and down the road.

I am totally "not positive" about the Fest, but for those who are I think a Chuck Baldwin sermon might not be a bad idea at all.

There may be a question, though, if the RNC "party" is official or not. Hope all delegates and alternates will get the word from the Campaign.


Make your presence

known at the ORomney fest ....er, illegal nomination.
Rub elbows and change minds.

Keepin' it real.

I believe it is official

I signed up to volunteer at the RNC. The RNC contracted with Tampa Bay Host Committee, to welcome the delegates, which means, sign them into the RNC, give them the information they need about bus, hotel, meals, location map, events, seminars, speakers.. the delegates pick up all their goodies from them.

They are saying THE ARE THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE working WITH THE FEDERAL ELECTIONS COMMISSION.. IOWs, as a delegate, when you show up and sign in, your signature nominates Romney, and that is why the federal elections commission is WITH them, accepting those signatures as FOR ROMNEY.

What they are saying is, IF YOU'RE NOT FOR ROMNEY DON'T SHOW UP!

I think the campaign is going to be silent a few days talking to attorneys because this is a coup IMO.

Find One Of Those

folks who say they communicate with Carol. "Signing in is nominating"..???...if so that is very w-r-o-n-g. Hope it isn't so and am sure it will be clarified by the Campaign prior to...

Can't wait for your report on your "volunteerism" experience and JOB. Even if it turned out to be like you said...you aren't a delegate so go to the stupid historic thing as Our embedded reporter.

We will for some time forward be in it to beat them at their own game while "they" becomes "us"....right?


I'm not going to Tampa

I cancelled my plans when I could not find a female room mate for Tampa, as I don't know the place, and the only event I was actually interested in was Ron Paul's. I have signed up for several things with the GOP as a volunteer, but you've got to know, my heart is not, and never was, in the GOP. It's with Ron Paul rEVOLution.

I hope that Ron Paul, the campaign, and their attorneys, are ahead of the game on this, but I don't think he, or they, expected this. They are doing to him, what they have done to us.

None of us have deserved how we have been treated by the GOP, the GJ fans, and others who say they are on our side. The only thing I can figure fonta, is that the GOP is seriously wanting to drop to third party statis after Romney flops, and then watch us all get funneled into a NWO global government, with the Democratic Party being THE party, like Communist China's Communist Party.

I don't think many here realize how serious this fight was and is. I think the real advantage we have, is that we have the opportunity to KNOW what is in store, by what we have experienced, and witnessed here on DP, so we can prepare, and get with the flow, and not be angry, or in shock, or "behind the door" of the NWO. These changes the RNC are making are a perfect example of how the Republic is going to come down. "Historic", "unprecedented", like it's all one big party, where we have nothing to actually celebrate, but we will celebrate or get marked down, insulted, marginalized, isolated, dumped, in the name of Peace, Gold and Love, Liberty and revolution.

Susie 4 Liberty's picture

I thought I just read that you were a Delegate, Granger

And you're not GOING to Tampa?

Susie 4 Liberty

No, I'm not going to Tampa

I am listed with the California Secretary of State as a Ron Paul Delegate, second district. In CA, the candidates select/vet their delegates. Then we have an election. Romney won over 75%, so Romney's delegates are going to Tampa.

I did everything I could. I'm proud to be on the list; sad I'm not going, as things didn't work out for me.

Thank you for the uplifting post fonta

I'm having an unusual day. I have 4 prince mushrooms (they are the best of the best, better than boletes, better than chantrells, and for some reason, this is not their time of year, I have four that popped up under a redwood tree). I consider that a gift from God.

I thought God maybe wanted to cheer me up because to me, this information is not good. But I'm truely open to being wrong and a lame brain and finding out that this is GREAT NEWS.

That would indeed make my day!

Always great to see you!! Things already look better.

LOL Accept HIS Gift

...never turn a gift from God down. I, too, find my signs even though I know they are a gift from that *spark* placed in me that wants/and sometimes does see light where before there was darkness. May not change the world those little uplifting signs he give you through YOU..and that is the point. May not change the darkness...but it CAN change you (and set you free from yourself to supply the light that is needed).

First time I heard mushroom signs though. I like shitake and am not familiar with Prince ones. Bet they are good!

Don't forget to look up too. If I lived near the majestic redwoods, I would feel like I was in heaven...mushrooms under them or not.