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We got the signatures!

We (LPME) have 4200 valid signatures to get GJ on the ballot here in Maine! 15%, here we come!!

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I'm happy yo hear it :)

I'm happy yo hear it :)

Hey that's awesome! Trouble

Hey that's awesome! Trouble is, this is the Daily "Paul." I really don't want to hear about how GJ will be splitting Paul's vote if Paul wins the nomination.

I bet you $10,000...

if Ron Paul got nominated, Gary Johnson would step down.


...you said "if" .... so if he gets nominated and Gary steps down you give me $10K and, well, because of your qualifying "if"...there isn't anyway you can get $10K from me. Right?

Did I respond first???


I wish I had Romney money...

The pun was intended.

Let's spread the word about Gary AND...

try to get this message to all the non-Paul delegates - http://www.dailypaul.com/247161/attn-to-all-rnc-delegates

Go Liberty!