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Alan Greenspan Edited "Atlas Shrugged"? VIDEO

When Alan Met Ayn: "Atlas Shrugged" And Our Tanked Economy
Maria Bustillos | April 12th, 2011

"It took a while for Greenspan and Rand to warm to one another. She nicknamed him "the undertaker," owing to his dark clothes and mournful air, and he, a self-avowed logical positivist, required a certain amount of wooing on the philosophical side. But in time he became fiercely devoted to Rand, one of her most trusted confidants; he taught her something of the economics she shoehorned into Atlas Shrugged. He wrote for The Objectivist magazine, and stayed a close friend until her death in 1982."

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Here's Another Ayn Rand Documentary

I posted this:
in reference to:
"Ayn Rand, and the Prophesy of Atlas shrugged".

Seems that the "Establishment" pulled out all the stops to attempt to discredit this monumental work...if she was alive today she'd be overjoyed in her new-found retribution.
Ayn, like Ron Paul was way ahead of her time..if economics weren't reported through rose-colored glasses, as they were back then, her book would have taken off sooner.
It is the "Second-most purchased book in History" surpassing clasical works such as Shakespeare, Ulysees and others.
It is only surpassed by sales of The Bible! WOW!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!