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Now is the time to join twitter~Twitter Launches Political Index: The Twitter Pulse Of The Election

This is big. Show the world Romney can't win and post as many negative comments about him as possible. Add the hashtag #RonPaul for good measure.

The rough version of how it works: Topsy pores through every single tweet in real time, determines which ones are about Obama or Romney, and then assigns a sentiment score to each tweet based on its content. That is, whether it's positive or negative toward Obama or Romney, and just how positive or negative it is. Add all the data up together and you have something like a real-time approval score for Obama and Romney, determined by what tens of millions of people are saying, which Twitter is going to release daily at election.twitter.com.

Right now, if you want to know how the country feels about Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, you have to rely on pundits' intuitions or traditional opinion polls, conducted as they always have been — by phone, over the course of hours or days. There's no direct way to check the pulse of millions of actual people, simultaneously and directly, second by second.

Twitter is launching a tool today that it says will fill that gap, and sort through the 400 million tweets a day from 140 million active users. Twitter and real-time search engine Topsy are launching the "Twitter Political Index," a daily assessment of how Twitter feels about Obama and Romney, in an election cycle that's being played out moment-to-moment on the social service.

The index, which Twitter has retained Democratic and Republican polling firms (the Mellman Group and North Star Opinion Research) to help perfect, appears to be the most serious and large-scale effort yet at a metric that has so far produced a lot of flops.

Read the rest here: http://www.buzzfeed.com/mattbuchanan/twitter-launches-politi...

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49 points are missing from their totals

Just goes to show that the people don't want either.

Ron Paul 2012.

Ron Paul 2016

I Don't Trust Twitter

I have no evidence that it is anything other than what it claims to be... a harmless social networking tool. There's just something about the way the news media pushed it on us so hard that I find troubling. Myspace, Facebook, Google+ didn't receive that type of recognition, support, mentions, or unearned credibility as a valid pulse of the world. Twitter gets special treatment by the news media and it always has. I feel like something will come out down the road about it being created by the CIA or something to that effect. Anyone feeling this or am I just paranoid from too many nights staying up late watching YouTube videos?

They pushed it so hard because they are lazy.

They get news or make up news from what people are talking about, instead of having to be real journalists and investigate. Don't use your real name or real email. All I use that is real is my picture...taken 5 yrs. ago. They don't seem as invasive as facebook. I can send someone a personal message about something and all of a sudden start getting adds about what I was talking about. I started using the add-on Do Not Track Plus add-on and it has helped. I have blocked over 142,000 tracks in the past few months.

They need to add RON

I just sent a request to them on the side bar of the following page requesting that they include Ron Paul.


A daily poll is a good thing!