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The rest of the world is laughing at us and asking: " Why are you not electing Ron Paul? "

Romney and Obama have been globe trotting in attempts to get financial support for their campaigns from foreign nationals. England....France....Germany.....Israel....Poland.....this list goes on and on.

And while Obama has met with some small success....Romney has managed to be an utter failure at it. So what is keeping both men from being international " super stars " while on their world tours?

Ron Paul.

The people of the world LOVE Ron Paul. Everywhere that Obama and Romney have gone in Europe and the middle east, they have met a sea of Ron Paul supporters waiving signs and banners. Obama and Romney have taken virtually no questions from the press and have held virtually no photo-ops out in the public that were tightly controlled and limited to just a handful of people in attendance.

This has been because the question the press corps of these countries want to ask the most is...

" Why is Ron Paul not the President of America? "

Fox News interviewed a group in attendance at the Romney fundraiser in Poland and one of the men there who could speak English the most fluently spelled out in no uncertain terms that they were there to show support for Ron Paul and that most of Poland believed that Romney and Obama were not offering anything different and that both men were Socialists in their policies and many in Poland would consider Obama to be borderline Communist.

And the man is right. Our government refuses to accept Ron Paul's message because it goes against everything the U.S. government has spent 100 years trying to accomplish here. Which is circumvent the Constitution and turn America into a Socialist country with an eventual eye towards outright Communism.

We spent 100+ years sending our troops around the world to stop the spread of the evil " isms " where ever we could. Marxism, Socialism, Fascism, Communism, Totalitarianism. Our troops fought and died to limit the hold any of these " isms " had over other countries.

By the late 60's - early 70's , the evil " isms " were...for the most part, under control and confined to only a handful of countries. People around the world were finally getting their chance to be capitalist style countries with free markets and open trade with the other countries.

However, here in America....our own government was adopting Socialist ideals and policies.

Domestic Spying
Government Controlled Industry
Central Banking
Indefinite Detention of Citizens
Gun Control
Government Mandated Welfare
Collectivism ( Unions )

Those massive rumblings in the ground felt all around America and Europe these last 30 years? Scientists attribute them to Earthquake Activity. The Shifting of Tectonic Plates.

You want to know what's really causing them?

The bodies of 10 million + soldiers who have been killed in action all over the world fighting against the evil " isms " are rolling in their graves at what is now happening. They died to keep their countries free of the evil " isms " and then their countries pissed on their graves and instituted those very same policies anyways.

And America has been the worst offender.

We need to make sure Ron Paul gets the nomination in Tampa and goes on to defeat Obama in November.
The rest of the world is right to laugh at us and question what we are doing over here. We preach to the rest of the world about being exceptional and then we outlaw everything that made us exceptional in the first place.

It's gotta stop.

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Perhaps in a way, yet what is Europe laughing at? lol

The neo-liberals have totally destroyed Europe. It almost seems as a bunch of EU countries have given up and looking forward to the ECB to take their countries over. The debts can never be repaid and they don't want to be on the hook in the eyes of their respective citizens. ie. Romania - no debt 20 years ago...now saddled with around 70 Billion Euros debt. Note - Plz check Swiss bank accounts of their politicians lol

Just heard the other day that citizens from EU countries have EU passports biometric identifiers. Is this true?



truth is...

USA is a nation of proud brainwashed semi-retards, a dumbed down nation.

Let them laugh!

They may laugh, but wait until our wrath comes down on them too. Yes, every country must fall to our new world order. Submit or be villianized by our media and bombed to smitherines!

Go USA!!!

BTW, this is sarcasm with a ton of truth to it.

I am not from america and I am not laughing...

I just think you are in for some really bad times...

Then again if you approve of medieval tactics against your imagined enemies, you deserve the same fate as well..

In fact that is the only way America will be saved...the only way you teach people you do not use that tactics.. because no american really cares about the foreign people..they only care if it happens to themselves.. well

welcome .. it is about to happen...

I live in amerika and I AM laughing

It may be sick, horrible, tragic, and stupid what generations of infantilized Americans have done with our heritage, but just because it is painful and awful and tyrannical and repressive doesn't make it not funny.

"I'm laughing my way to disaster.
Maybe my race has been run.
Maybe I'm blind to the fate of mankind,
but what can be done?"

(The other) Paul.

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
West of 89
a novel of another america

Partly true, but it is wrong

Partly true, but it is wrong to group every American together and say we don't care.

I promise you, I care about everyone in this world as humans. I am American.


You are correct I grouped everyone together, but I felt that was necessary as every Muslim Is grouped together as well.

And no I am no Muslim...

I do not mean to say you are any different from any other people.. in fact we sadly are all the same. Humans do just do not care about others unless necessary.

New Zealand isn't laughing.

I think the entire world is quite awake to the reality of what's happening now. They may not be as clued in to the incoming tyranny as those of you in the US that are experiencing it, but we know it's pretty damn serious.

I'm a regular commenter/occasional contributor on NZ's top political blog, and for months now people have called me a dreamer. In posts about the Electoral Vote and how Obama is beating Romney, people call Ron Paul a million-to-one shot when I remind them that Romney still has to contend with Paul before he can get serious about Obama.

But it feels like there may be a little bit of acceptance now, judging by some of the comments, that "Hey - maybe this Ron Paul DOES have a chance, maybe this guy's right in saying that the media is lying about Ron Paul. I certainly can't knock his message.."

They're seeing things like the Poland Ron Paul supporters, they're falling silent when I ask them "If Romney was such a shoe-in, why is he fighting desperately to throw out the Ron Paul delegates? What's he afraid of if he has this sewn up?" People throw one Rasmussen Poll at me, and I'm confidently able to show then RealClearPolitics that shows ALL the polls, shows that Paul stands a better chance against Obama than Romney ever will. People quote delegate counts, and I can show them TheReal2012DelegateCount and plenty of reading about delegate binding.

Arguing the point for Dr. Paul is so easy, because you're dealing with a guy holding an impeccable record as a Politician. You don't have to be worried that some scandal is going to make you look silly for supporting him.

The world knows, we're not laughing. If anything, I'm worried that the average American voter who hasn't had their eyes open yet, won't feel that energy from Ron Paul that is buzzing around the world. We're worried the US allow another 4 years because of the apathy that Bush and Obama have instilled in the average US voter. I just hope the average US voter realises in time that they're voting in a President who has massive real-world effect on other countries.

You want it to STOP?

Then stop believing that one man can change government. And start understanding that government attracts the criminal class, with the exception of Ron Paul!

You want to be free? Then stop enabling the people who take away your freedom. You cannot change government.

But you CAN ignore it. Non-violently. Just as Ghandi did. Do not replace leaders. Learn to lead yourself. Become a self-leader. NOT anarchy -- self-government.

Life, Liberty and property. And most importantly, non-aggression.

Trying to fix the Federal Govt. is a hopeless cause.

I encourage all here to explore what the Free State Project is doing in New Hampshire if you are interested in TRUE Liberty.



Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it. ~Thomas Paine

We are not laughing I can

We are not laughing I can tell you that. We are saddened but inspired

Susie 4 Liberty's picture

I've never sensed they were "laughing"

"Grieving" would be a far more descriptive word regarding what I've seen, read, and seen...

Susie 4 Liberty

We shouldn't give a damn who's laughing

We are doing the best we can, we have enough on our plate to work on, and its kind of condescending if someone came up and laughed and said why aren't you voting for Ron Paul, well Jee the Government labelled us terrorists on our own homeland, so that probably means were doing something right, We thank the World for their awareness and hope they have for us, But give us a break!

Good Truthful Article Ty, Thank You !

It shows that the MAJORITY of people around the world support the only American Presidential candidate that is ANTI-WAR !

Why ?

They're smart enough to know that WW III could destroy all life on planet earth !

RON PAUL For President!!


"Why are you not electing Ron Paul?"

The USG has more drones than the American people?

"The problem is not those in power, the problem is right between your ears." ~Larken Rose


Trust me,

The rest of the world is not laughing!
Most countries live in fear of your presidents, knowing that their puppet masters are the ones that are really in control of the blatant theft of lives, countries, and resources from around the globe.
Dr Paul, would not only be good for the country and citizens of the US, but also for many other countries who are hopelessly entangled in the Washington, Wall Street and Pentagon web of global deceit.

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not laughing!!!


This was on The Onion Yesterday. It is Satire



If you're referring to the article...I just wrote it so if the Onion stole it without crediting me...someone needs to pay up some cash.

Now if you're referring to the Paul supporters bum rushing Romney and Obama at all of their fundraiser events...the Onion might be making fun of it but that doesn't mean it didn't happen...it just means the people at the Onion or retarded....

Sent from Ty's Super Secret Lair.

Pretty simple answer: The

Pretty simple answer:

The vote is rigged by a coup in charge.


5 years strong.

Life changing.

Go Ron!



Watch this dry yet astonishing Dr. Robert Beck cancer treatment lecture on Google Video - search "Suppressed Medical Discovery" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkiX0jJJozk

It's not a "Socialist" Country

It's a Fascist/Corporatist Country.

Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Private Think-Tanks, Private Insurance Companies, Private War Profiteers, and Private Banks -- run everything, own everything, and make all the important decisions.

In our Country, the private malefactors of wealth run the Government. Only the Corporatists are allowed to win Elections.

That's not "socialism", it's Fascism.

We the Corporation

If I am remembering right...Maybe that is why Romney said a coproration is a person...The corporation wins office and the corporation represents itself. Maybe it is now We the Corporation...I mean people.

The Evil " Isms "

Arguing over the correct name of your dictator doesn't change the fact that you still live under a dictator!

Socialism, Fascism, Communism....there is no difference in the end. It all ends in government control of the citizenry where the government profits and the citizens don't.

Sent from Ty's Super Secret Lair.

Fascism is the INEVITABLE

Fascism is the INEVITABLE result of Socialism, you dolt. The problem is government.

Simple Facts and Plain Arguments
A common sense take on politics and current events.



When corporations and the government are effectively one and the same, how can you say the problem is government and not the corporations that actually get to decide policy instead of we the people? Do you really think in a hypothetical governmentless void that said corporations would not become the de facto government?


Socialism is when the Government itself controls the means of production, and the property.

Fascism is when private wealth, and private interests control the Government, and force the elected (or unelected) Government to operate in their private interests.

They are profoundly different.

Our Country is clearly Fascism: it is Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Rothschilds, Rockefeller, Wall Street, Insurance Corps, Multinationals, CFR, etc. own and run and decide just about everything....

That's not true at all

Many countries in south america are witnessing surges of populism in various ways that would be unheard of here.

For example, you could call the deprivitization of water "socialism" because it robs the private sector of something. Would you claim *socializing* water leads to fascism? Then you're OK with people being arrested for collecting rainwater? This has been a big problem in numerous countries, let alone our own.

Populist movements that are arguably socialist from a fake freemarket perspective can be in utter opposition to fascism.

Capitalism is liberty? What brand of capitalism? The fake brand that the US has embraced since industrialization? Or some idealized version of capitalism that's in your head?

If it's the latter, how is that any better than the wishy-washy communist who insists that it "just hasn't been done properly yet"? I'm not calling you a communist, and communist isn't a dirty word to me.


This is well-written and I thank you for taking the time to do it.

When the American spirit was in its youth, the language of America was different: Liberty, sir, was the primary object. - Patrick Henry

Re: Simple

Yer Velcome

Sent from Ty's Super Secret Lair.