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2012 Contingency Plans

One of the biggest things that's been troubling me is what all the Ron Paul supporters will do IF he does not secure the Republican nomination in Tampa. I see the majority of supporters doing one of three likely scenarios:

1) Some write-in Paul's name
2) Some vote for Gary Johnson
3) Some abstain from voting altogether

The worst case in my opinion is that we all split off in different directions and therefore don't have as big an impact as we can and should.

Personally, I feel the third option is terrible and that Gary Johnson may be the best alternative (perhaps even Ron Paul could be offered a position in his administration). Regardless, I would like to see some discussion on the topic so that we can come to some type of collective "contingency plan" IF (and trust me - I still haven't given up hope) Ron Paul does not secure the nomination coming out of Tampa.

In addition to discussion, is there a way on DailyPaul.com to conduct polling to see where people's opinions are?

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Unity can not include a write-in

10 states may allow a write in but that doesn't mean that all 10 of them will count them.

40 states will definitely not count a write-in for Ron Paul.

Read about it: http://www.dailypaul.com/248500/presidential-write-in-laws-b...

You might also want to be aware of this:

"In order to be on the GOP Primary Ballot in at least 11 states, including Texas, Ron had to pledge that he would not seek the presidency on another ticket if he failed to secure the GOP nomination." - Jesse Benton


That was in 2008, there were probably more states requiring a loyalty pledge this time. If Ron fills out paperwork to be a candidate for anything other than the GOP then he is violating a loyalty pledge that he made in more than one state. It's all or nothing in Tampa!

If Ron doesn't get the GOP nomination in Tampa then he can not run. PERIOD! Any suggestion to write him in or for him to run any other way is a suggestion to divide the liberty vote so that we can be conquered. Any one that writes his name in to make themselves feel good will have jumped from the "Liberty Ship" to the "Feel Good Ship". I don't know about you but pursuing a ride on the "Uniformed Wishful Thinking Ship" and the "Feel Good Ship" when there is a way for us all to send a powerful message would not make me feel good at all.

Anonymous Libertarians

The write-ins, Johnson, and

The write-ins, Johnson, and Goodes should get together and pick one.

That's the best way to get a big number.

The Romney's and the stay homes aren't going to be in agreement.

A great case can be made to stick it to Romney because he's trying to get our delegates disqualified.

I think that Romney is better than Obama. But F HIM. He shouldn't be trying to get our delegates disqualified. People I know. Delegates in Maine, getting letters mailed from Boston, MA, where Romney is headquartered, telling them they're being challenged. I spent 2 days at a convention, voted for them. We won, and Romney is challenging them. A lot of people are going to work for the other guy because they're pissed at Romney for doing that. Even if Romney is clearly better (slightly) than Obama.

Johnson isn't a safe bet

I've heard a number of things about his policies, and have even heard that his campaign has slighted Paul already. Not to mention in that one interview the only thing he had to say for himself was seemingly "I'm exactly like Ron Paul."

Johnson can't unite our vote. I myself will vote Ron Paul, come hell or high water. I know a lot of people think that Paul votes won't be counted, but I know at least a few states gave him write-in status in 2008, so I'm sure we'll see him getting the same this year.

California had him in write-in, and I'm optimistic I'll get to vote for him through the same method in 2012.

Ron Paul 2016

Where is the unity in that?

10 states may allow a right in but all of them may not necessarily count them.

What about the people in the other 40 states? There is no unity in your decision and it seems rather selfish to the people in the other 40 states.

Do a little reading on the Write-in Laws State-by-State:

Anonymous Libertarians

call Vegas

Call Vegas and bet $10 on Gary Johnson coming in 2nd with the popular vote at 1,000,000:1 odds. Is it a safe bet? Probably not. But it's not necessarily a risky bet either. You'll probably lose $10, but there is a chance, albeit a very slim chance, that you could hit the jackpot. What could you do with $10million, for the liberty movement in 2014 and beyond... [insert daydream here]... You could drop a dime on him getting 5%. If it hits, the payout wouldn't be as big, but you could win back all the money you invested in the 2012 Presidential race.

I've got money riding on Ron Paul winning the Presidency. And I have money riding on Gary Johnson finishing 2nd in a 3-way vs Romney and Obama.

I think a more interesting question to ask would be; in a 3 way race between Obama, Romney, and Johnson, which candidate is most deserving of 3rd place?

How many write-in votes did Ron Paul get in California in 2008?


the probability of a write-in or LP candidate winning is low. Now consider the surpreme court. Who is worse for that? do we really want Obama selecting their justices?

Label Jars, Not People!

Would Romney do any better?

We all know that he's no different policy wise from Obama, and in fact we know his favorite judge, Roberts, has already sided with the liberals. Do we really think that Romney appointees will be any better than more Obama appointees, if Romney's favorite has already betrayed us?

Ron Paul 2016

Many Ron Paul supporters do

Many Ron Paul supporters do believe that Romney is distinguishable in many ways from Obama.

Many other Ron Paul supporters believe that Obama and Romney are identical.

In terms of the S.Ct., we can be assured that Obama's nominees will suck, and with Romney, we don't know. It's highly unlikely that Romney's nominees, overall, will be worse than Obama's.

Which is exactly how Romney wants to present himself. As close to Obama, without going over.

The Democrats and the Republicans have their own interest groups, and the Democrats typically want to make their interest groups happy.

Democrats like Unions, and Public Employees Unions. So, with Romney, you're unlikely to have giveaways to them.

There are lots of areas where Ds and Rs differ. Not much in those areas that Ron Paul supporters care about.

Just like Bush's pick....

Roberts did a favor for limited government conservatives by casting the deciding vote to uphold the healthcare mandate.

Status quo presidents will choose status quo justices regardless of the D and R titles. The only way to not get status quo justices is to vote for someone that is not status quo.

I'm going with option 1.

Not all Ron Paul supporters are pro-choice. Many, like Ron Paul himself, are pro-life. Therefore Gary Johnson can't unite the Ron Paul vote.

Virgil Goode has some great policies, but voted for and still supports the Patriot Act. This is why he has no chance of gaining traction within the Ron Paul crowd.

We are not a collective. We are individuals and each must vote their conscience. Not all Ron Paul supporters are libertarians. Many are Constitutionalists, others are conservatives. There will not be a 1 size fits all solution without Ron Paul, and for the reasons mentioned above, he will not endorse Goode or Johnson.

"If you can't trust someone to defend your life, how can you trust them to defend your liberty?" - Ron Paul.

Yes we each have a choice

Unite on the 80% that we agree with.


Divide on the 20% that we disagree with.

In the 40 issues covered in Ron Paul's book "Liberty Defined", he gives me 5 reasons not to vote for him. On the other hand he gives me 35 reasons to vote for him. The choice is mine.

We all have choices.

I think everyone knows where I stand...

on this issue.

Whoever is the best chance for liberty come November will have my vote.

That is certainly not Romney or Obama.

It will either be Paul or Johnson.

If you abstain

If you abstain altogether, you may as well help by writing in Ron Paul.

My state has write-in and that is exactly what I will do if Ron Paul is not on the ballot.

If you are serious about winning rather than making polls, please do the following:


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

There will be no write in in CA

It's Obama Vs Romney

The RNC in August is an INAUGURATION, not a nomination convention.

Believe it or not

Ron Paul had write-in status in a few states in 2008. With his base having increased massively since then, what makes you think that that won't be the case again this year?

Ron Paul 2016

Susie 4 Liberty's picture

In Texas, the time to file for write-in has long since passed

And there is no 'write-in' allowed unless on the ballot as a write-in... Same goes in other states as well.

Electronic voting machines? No way to do it regardless...

Susie 4 Liberty

In CA one has to apply for write in

Ron Paul did not apply as a write in candidate

here's who is nominated.. note this is official and look to see that the Republican is named http://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/2012-elections/nov-general/p...

I'm not sure what his status was in 2008

but supposedly he was getting his votes from CA counted back then. Either somebody applied to get his name on there, or one of the other state parties nominated him.

Ron Paul 2016

He was not in the ballot in CA

People can "write-in" what ever they want. many write in Mickey Mouse. But as you know, unless YOU are registered, someone can't do that for you, it does not count.

Sec of State in CA already has Romney as THE nominee. I feel like suing that one.

From wikipedia

"Ron Paul received 41,905 votes; listed in Louisiana (Louisiana Taxpayers) and in Montana (Constitution), with write-in status in California."

I know there's a lot of bias against wikipedia, but it's a source none the less.

Ron Paul 2016

For the primary election

Write in spaces are on all the ballots for the primary election. From what I'm seeing on the CA Sec of State page, which I believe I shared, there is no write in for the general election as no one qualified. Even if CA puts a write in space on the general election ballot, Ron Paul would have had to drop out of the GOP, qualify for write in ballot access by Aug 1st to actually be a valid write in candidate. So if there is a space to write in Ron Paul, it will not be counted.

What is upsetting to me, is that the CA Sec of State has posted Romney as THE nominated GOP candidate and that is wrong. Matter of fact, since you bring it up, I'm going to write her a letter and ask about it.


"The RNC in August is an INAUGURATION, not a nomination convention." - This statement is FALSE. DELEGATES will vote for the nominee.

Have you done ANYTHING in your state to have write-ins on your ballot, paper or electronic? If not, I would advise that you start right now. YOU are FREE to VOTE for WHOMEVER you want, at least for now. If no provision exists for you to cast your vote for whomever you want, the fault begins with YOU and other citizens in your state.

PA has write-ins that MUST be counted once a threshold has been reached. Other states have this too. FACT.

Lastly, if you sit in on meetings, as I do here in my state, then it is your DUTY to stand up for what is right and NOT cater to the establishment, whatever your reasoning happens to be. FACT.

While I appreciate what you are attempting to hopefully accomplish, your methodology is severely flawed and is beginning to wear thin with me. FACT.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul