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Rand Paul Tries to Fire & Arrest Journalist for Asking Him Questions

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The Road To Truth.

I took the little book, and ate it, as the angel commanded.
It tasted sweet in my mouth, but in my belly it became BITTER.

The TRUTH is a bitter pill to swallow, and cleansing sometimes requires the PAIN of TRUE KNOWLEDGE.

The emotions are not to be ignored or delayed in time.
They are the WHOLE of a man's soul.
Without SADNESS, one cannot fully appreciate JOY.

It has saddened me as well.


It isnt True

Rand did not organize, or at least there is NO EVIDENCE what so ever to suggest that he had ANYTHING to do with the GESTAPO cracking down on RT, Abby and Luke.

The people behind the scenes are NOT STUPID, they have been doing this for a long time.

So they threaten thier enemy (The Free Press) and make it look like the threats came from thier other enemy (Rand). Nice move by TPTB. Unfortunatly it looks like a lot of fools are jumping for it.


RAND has admitted into his camp the HANDLERS. who deal with situations like this.
Of course, through the miracle of 'PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY' (a LEGAL term), Rand, and the actions by those he has chosen to TAKE ACTION are 'disconnected'.

YOU are choosing the WRONG FREINDS, perhaps.
When RAND PAUL came out on HANNITY and openly ENDORSED MITT ROMNEY, this was NOT his 'HANDLERS' doing this. It was HIM.


Rand Is Really Starting To Get On My Nerves

In a free society why can't the press ask OUR representatives a legitimate question? Do you think Ron would approve of Rand's actions? It's one thing to not answer or say "no comment" but it's entirely another to attempt to take action against the reporter (trying to get her fired).

For those who say "these 2 reporters are annoying - make an appointment", well do you really think Rand would make that appointment? If he did you can be sure he'd want to screen the questions. Meanwhile, Rand Paul works for the American people. **WE** pay his salary w/ our tax dollars. As a U.S. Senator, he is there to answer to **US**.

Can anyone explain why Luke

Can anyone explain why Luke won't mention what "type" of press credentials he had?

Probably because his

Probably because his credentials, if he had any, did not allow him to be where he was. He was probably in a restricted area and she got in trouble for taking him there. They are not telling the whole story.

Rudeness seldom begets friendly response

I see my comment below is getting a lot of thumbs downs, but not one of you has refuted any part of my statement. Rand-bashers, please tell me which other senator has had the guts to stand up and speak out against additional wars, the Patriot Act, the TSA, unjust property seizure, the drug war, foreign aid, the Fed, the Pentagon or the simple freedom to drink the milk of your choice? Here is a link to to the legislation Rand has sponsored and co-sponsored. Take your time and look it over.

You would throw him over because of the one-sided accusations of 2 people trying to get more hits on their youtube video? People who want to raise money for a web site?

I would like to know who in the senate, you all intend to throw your support behind in lieu of Rand Paul?

Who's it gonna be? Marco "the meek" Rubio? I heard he took the bold step today, of sponsoring legislation that would end the requirement for olympic medal winners to pay taxes on their winnings. Yeah, that's really sticking your neck out for American citizens! Or how about Scott BS Brown? Go tea party! Think you can sit back and depend on Ted Cruz? Good luck with that!


all of you people below

that dont agree with them are shortsighted.

THIS IS ABOUT CHANGE , they all should be held accountable for their actions, Rand voted for sanctions on iran... oh but we should never ask him why ?

clearly her story proves that the media is tightly controlled if she was in a room with top networks bureau chiefs discussing on how to deal with her.

abbey martin "I wont be going into the capitol building anymore to do it." referring to questioning senators

I hope her new show on RT kicks ass.
Her first guest on her show should be , jesse ventura, then peter schiff , then max keiser

stop being so shortsighted people just because this seems to be against Rand.

I would say he has changed as a person in the senate as most politicians do once that level of power is attained.

again he is no ron so stop expecting him to act like ron. Rand probably considers his father the old way , and he is the new way as most sons do think of their fathers in that light

"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL


first guest should be Rand Paul and find out if it was him that siced the dogs on her. I saw thi inererview and thought Rand shoul answer the questions! ever since his meeting with Mitt and his endorsment of
Mitt he as not been the same old Rand very suspicious,
Luke and Abby Rule!


style ambushes....Those two are like a pest.I would of had them arrested and thrown out in 2 minutes.Make an appointment and wait for your time bozos.Much rather have Rand Paul in the Senate saying he supports donuts than multitude of other creeps potentially capable of occupying his Senate spot.


sound like you don't believe in the Constitution First Amendment?You don't sound like a Libertarin to me. you sound like a neo con in Libertarin clothing. jPractice what you preach! these two are real investgative jounalist!

I agree

THat we must keep a close eye on Rand. I just would like it if there was some way to confirm the story from other sources. If any of the more extreme accusations are true, then of course we must throw Rand out.

Another credible source about the

And why

Do they always seem to have illuminati conspiricies? Are they unaware that people like Woods, Rockwell and many other libertarians are Catholics? Finally, on one of the links, it refers to the liberty movement as homophobic. I believe that the liberty movement would be us; I do not see anyone else in this country besides us making strong stands for liberty.



It says

On that website, that the woman is a founder of Russian Times. I am not familiar with the Russian Times.

Same here

never heard of Russian Times

Poor research on their part?


It was russian today or something like that

Either way

it is irrelevant unless we have 'one in the chamber' for the messenger.

A quick question

Does Russia Times which they refer to in any way recieve funding from the Russian Government? I am not inclined to believe sources such as Reuters or even the BBC without outside sources that recieve government funding.

RT, previously known as Russia Today

is a government-funded global multilingual television news network based in Russia. It was founded in 2005 as Russia Today by the government-owned RIA Novosti.

Neither the post or video originated from RT.


should include the word, 'allegedly'.

Someone seems to have used intimidation tactics on this journalist but, we don't yet have a direct connection to Senator Paul.

I support Luke and Abby.

This is a bad move by Rand. Luke has questioned many notable politicians, including Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Michael Chertoff, and this is the first time Luke or Abby have been confronted with outrageous intimidation tactics like this from any politician.

Weak sauce Rand. Weak sauce.

Grow a pair.



Watch this dry yet astonishing Dr. Robert Beck cancer treatment lecture on Google Video - search "Suppressed Medical Discovery" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkiX0jJJozk

very disappointed in Rand...

liking him less and less with every day.



More propaganda from Russia

More propaganda from Russia Today? What a surprise.


your ignorance!

Luke is from New York and

Luke is from New York and Abby wasn't acting as a RT reporter that day. Why can't Rand answer a simple question. Why did he support a neocon turd like Willard Romney. Rand keeps ducking the question, just like a shady Politician.

How would you know these

How would you know these things unless you knew one or both of these people personally?

What is your relation to either of them?

Your friends are Russia Today stooges.