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Being Assertive for "Liberty" is being able to stand up for yourself, making sure your opinions and feelings are considered

"Being Assertive it is not the same as aggressiveness. You can be assertive without being forceful or rude. Instead, it is stating clearly what you expect and insisting that your rights are considered.
Assertion is a skill that can be learnt. It is a way of communicating and behaving with others that helps the person to become more confident and aware of themselves.
At some time in each of our lives, however confident we are, we will find it difficult to deal with certain situations we encounter." You can learn or improve this skill...

We, liberty loving individuals, need to learn to be assertive, there is a great free workbook that can help you improve you assertive skills or teach you the skill.

Here is the Link: http://bit.ly/QflQv0
It is a PDF file, most browsers will ask you if you want to save it.

(If you want to "check out" the file before downloading Google the following: "Being_assertive_-_Workbook_3" then put your mouse on the ">>" on the right hand side of the first item.)

And be assertive for liberty!

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