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Ron Paul's Floor Speech Against Iran Sanctions Bill On August 1, 2012.

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Dr. Paul with Authority

Let's not forget the idea that is slowly spreading...

Here is my contribution to OUR cause in seeing to it that Dr. Paul take the Oval office.


So be it.

"I guess it comes down to a simple choice. Get busy living or get busy dying." - Andy Dufresne, 'Shawshank Redemption"

Dr. Ron Paul for 2012! Restore America Now. Not 2016.

So be it.

Perhaps that's why he indicated he's stepping away....

Step away from Congress momentarily, only to wind up in the White House with the full backing of the people.

This is one of Ron Paul's

This is one of Ron Paul's best. However, it seems the bill has passed the house. I wonder how Rand/DeMint/Lee will be voting on this bill in the senate?

Has anyone else noticed there is no update on any of Ron Paul's recent speeches on foreign policy on both Campaign for Liberty and Ron Paul 2012 websites?

It's speeches like this that immediately brought me to research Dr. Paul. I voted for Obama last election hoping there would be changes in our foreign policy and to protect our civil liberties. Sadly this wasn't the case.

It's stuff like this that needs to be spread, let everyone know we will not be silent on issues of foreign policy, and if the Campaign for Liberty is going to light on the issue, we will not stand for it.

It Can No Longer Be Said

That Ron Paul is not an effective speaker.

Could you just imagine what a hilarious event it would be if Romney debated Paul one on one? LMAO

Oh, and what wouldn't I give to hear this brilliant and passionate statesman go one on one with Obama. It would be a joke.

In both these scenarios, Romney and Obama would be seen by all to be the utter and complete frauds that they are.

Anyone reading this still voting for Romney, you are completely and totally retarded.

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Does anyone know where I can

Does anyone know where I can get the latest updates from Lawyers for Ron Paul and does anyone know when their court date is?
Why haven't we heard from them in so long?

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The real reason the DP is so angsty recently

The real reason the DP is so angsty recently is that there are not enough new videos of the leader preachin' us the truth!

It's like a caffein or nicotine addict not getting their fix; they get irritable without it.

I feel much better.

Out of the hundreds of congressmen that I would delight in not seeing back, these two are not them.

Currently consuming: Morehouse's "Better off free", FDR; Wii U; NEP Football

I love you Ron and I can

I love you Ron and I can certainly speak for myself when I say I will never give up what you have reignited for the rest of my life. God Bless you brother.

Simply Awesome!

I loved it!

Joe in MD


A brilliant statesman. I

A brilliant statesman. I truly believe this is one of Dr. Paul's best speeches on the floor.

I was lucky enough to watch it live

and boy, did he hand them their own balls.

Ron Paul 2016

God bless Dr. Paul.

And here's a shout out to Dennis Kucinich as well.

Obviously I can't agree with many of the views of Kucinich, I do think he is correct on U.S. foreign policy.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul


Reminding the stinking, useless congress of their hypocritical ways...

"I am impression by this

"I am impressed by this obsession of a weapon that doesn't exist."

hahaha classic!


i can listen to ron paul for hours! i love this guy! i just wish he had more passion and aggression.

Let's Fight the Good Fight

you should see his eariler years...

here RP in his younger days:


I say: if you can't make it better, don't make it worst!

Great video...

It was good to see Ron all fired up, but didn't look Presidential. Near the end of the video, he looked like he had enough of those people. I prefer the Ron Paul of today, knowledgable and wise beyond his years.

Ron Paul 2012; Rand Paul 2016

"Didn't Look Presidential"

How about judging people by the content of their words and actions? I assume you do actually since you're on the DP and you're probably a huge RP fan. However, I wish people in general followed that advice. Why is it always about "looking presidential" instead of "sounding presidential"?

@kevink @kralspaces et al...sounding and looking...neither...

Come on, we know by now looking, sounding, acting, sitting, etc., don't measure to farts from beans.

It's Ron Paul's Congressional record that represents his value and who he is--it's the cumulative actions in one's life that shows character. I for one will never give faith to people who barks war but were too cowardly to be in one, like Romp and Oba.

I say: if you can't make it better, don't make it worst!

Oh my lord... I just watched

Oh my lord... I just watched this and it made me cringe how so many ill-informed people could attack such a well educated man on all of these subjects. But I know that the good Doc let those personal attacks roll off him like water. I wish you were President Ron, and I am envisioning a Ron Paul win every day. I will make it my reality.

Then you should watch this video


We have come a very long way as a society, and this video proves it.

Is it over?

It is glaringly obvious that the CFL and Rand Paul have made a collaborated effort to destroy Ron Paul and all we who have supported Dr. Paul throughout the years. So what will the delegates do now? You really have no choice. You MUST VOTE RON PAUL ON THE FIRST BALLOT IN TAMPA! If you do not, then you have made a moral decision to support Romney. Can you really live with that? You MUST STAND WITH YOUR CONSCIOUS.. The "Lawyers for Ron Paul" will support you.

The CFL have forsaken our sacred mission to support Ron Paul to the very end. They have abandoned us. The only recourse now is to make a R3voltionary stand against the establishment! That is who we are.. If you compromise now you will nullify the entire movement.

I am in awe of the delegates who will go to the
GOP convention in Tampa. This may well be the most courageous and world changing event in your entire lives. I Thank you for your relentless convictions and sacrifices you have made.

Please continue the fight for all of us who need you so desperately. We need you... and Dr. R on Paul. Please help our nation.. You are our only hope.

Agree completely!

"You MUST VOTE RON PAUL ON THE FIRST BALLOT IN TAMPA! If you do not, then you have made a moral decision to support Romney."

And the death that his foreign interventionist policies will bring...

Don't know where Dr. Paul

Don't know where Dr. Paul gets off sometimes. He uses crazy things like premises, sound inferences, sound arguments, logic, deductive and indeductive reasoning. He's gut to start following his gut more and simplify the matter into phrases like "Iranians are all terrorists" "Syrians suck" and "Libyans are losers". If he fails to do this he could be labelled "unpatriotic", "a racist" or "loony".

How dare he?

My brain now hurts from listening to that man speak, because he forced me to think critically.

Now, back to my TV so I can let the Olympics distract me from what's really going on in the world. USA! USA!

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Ron Paul hammering away at hypocrisy.

When Ron Paul exposes the hypocrisy of war, this is what Ron Paul does best.

Oh Captain,

my Captain

Thank you..

Thank you Ron Paul for trying to stand up for our rights...
Thank you for being a sane voice against unlimited warfare...
Thank you for inspiring me to become active in politics and lose my apathy towards it...
Thank you for being a Patriot and kind and decent man...
Thank you for being my political hero... when it's so hard to find any.
Thank you for being one of the few in D.C. who actually understands the philosophy of natural law

I could go on..

I wish you would run 3rd party.. but I suspect you won't due to your son's potential future with the party...
I hope your son matures to be the next Ron Paul (and that others get elected to take up your mantle)

Thank you for trying to prevent WW3!.... when so many seem so eager to start it...

Thank you for saying

Thank you for saying that...brought a tear to my eye...

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

What will we do without him?

We need to start asking ourselves this question! Dr. Paul is retiring! If he is not the nominee and gets elected POTUS, what will we do? God bless Dr.Ron Paul. And God bless us because were going to need it!

"Give me liberty or give me death" Patrick Henry



"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--