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Some New Aurora Shooting Questions... Where's the Police Dashboard Camera Footage?

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Speak first, think later, if at all...

When was the last time the police released video in a mass shooting? Did that cross your mind? Or is it easier to just call everything a conspiracy?

What is the historical record of police releasing dash cam video in the wake of a mass shooting? Is it common for the police to release video of people who have been shot and are possibly dying? If that is not a common occurrence, there is nothing fishy about this at all. Do you see how this logic thing works yet?

They showed the CCTV footage

They showed the CCTV footage from Columbine..

We saw every second of OJ Simpson driving his White Bronco..

Just because the powers that be have plenty of "excuses" for the lack of video, it doesn't make it right, and it doesn't make it any less of a point to prove they're hiding something.

OJ was covered by news

OJ was covered by news helicopters & columbine showed a few seconds of cctv from the school with nothing graphic. No blood or victims

And neither had dash cams... did you think about your reply? I did