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Shooting of handcuffed man by police deemed 'justifiable homicide'

How is it possible for a handcuffed man to be shot by a policeman at close range and it be justifiable? And because the man had some weed! Jesus H Christ...it just keeps getting more unreal by the day. There are few if any peace officers anymore...they are all becoming ENFORCERS for the ruling class. Hopefully Oath Keepers and the minoriity of "Good Cops" that are still remaining will start pushing back against the rapidly expanding police state.

A Perkasie police officer committed no crime when he shot and killed a handcuffed Michael W. Marino Jr. last month after Marino managed to rough up a pair of police officers during a scuffle on a Sellersville railroad bed, Bucks County District Attorney David Heckler has ruled.


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If it was just one officer

I could buy this story (like the recent Dallas shooting).

But if three cops cannot subdue a man in handcuffs they should turn in their badges and get a lawyer.

its only

going to keep getting worse until we standup to the corruption. This kind of stuff always makes me wonder when we will hear the next "shot heard round the world"

I am certain

It was for our protection that they shot a man already under arrest and defensless.


They could have down multiple thing. Tasered him, strapped his legs beforehand, subdued him (there was a third cop,plus he was handcuffed and on marijuana),shot him in the leg etc.

P.S. If he was a minority, Pennsylvania would be burning down by now.

It is an enormous simplification to speak of the American mind. Every American has his own mind.

~Ludwig von Mises

This was murder...

how could an officer be scared a person with his hands handcuffed behind his back was going to get his gun... Give me a break.

The asshole got kicked in the nuts and chest and reacted by pulling out his gun and shooting the man in the chest in an act of retaliation and rage.

Situational awareness asshole. The suspect was no threat.

Have fun living with this the rest of your life.

Oh no

You just must not support the bravery and courage that it took of the brave and courageous man who shot somebody in cuffs. We must give him the benefit of the doubt since he is protecting us.

I am certain that those words will be heard on Bill O'Reilly if this story is even brought up in the major network "news" sources.


is the law enforced by popular opinion - better yet - the truth.

No politicians or batteries required.

How horrible

If still a threat even though handcuffed, would be the time to use a tazor. Oh, wait a min, that's what they use for old citizens with bad hearts and small children isn't it.
The actions of some police are getting so far out of hand! Does every illegal or unconstitutional action on every level down to small town USA police force require a mass protest to get justice now? Shoots a handcuffed man who is mentally ill. What then is the state of mental health of the policeman?
IQ and psychological testing should be required before giving a policeman a gun and a bullet. Would like to know the stats for crimes of police taking lives and that of the general public.
Advice for the Chief Of Police...........Never give power to an idiot. After doing so, don't take up for the idiot.


Terrible story. I voted it up

Terrible story.

I voted it up just so others will see it. But then again, it's a rather ugly story. My father was paranoid schizophrenic. This was back in the mid to late 80's and the drugs were rather awful back then. He ended up escaping from a mental ward, or they let him go and ended up getting ran over crossing a highway. He probably thought he was Jesus or something because he walked right out in front of a truck.

I was too young and did not ever really get to know him but mental illnesses like this are very tough situations. In the comments on that story one person justified the killing by basically saying anytime the cops come in contact with a mentally unstable person they can kill them. Just sad state of affairs!