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The Peace Song

Youtube video: Peace Song


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THIS is winning

THIS is winning the revolution. Change minds; asses follow. Good job. 4 stars.

I guessed it

Good selection. I guessed it before I clicked it. What are the chances? lol.

try this one...


SFTS, you figured that out yet? I'm not big on The Replacements. Got anything from Broke-Back?

I'm so sorry


SFTS? Hmmm
San Francisco Tit Sucker?

Peace song?

Peace song? or Anti-war song? Doesn't seem to be much of either.

You seem to have me at a disadvantage. It's much more difficult to hate on people you know.

Mix your words with fire, I'll let them burn me down.



then cool it...

And why isn't your ass on a plane on your way here? You know we entertain a couple thousand friends here for Jerry's birthday every year. The biggest and longest running birthday event in the country, they say.


Maybe next year we bring you out VIP and you can unwind for a few in "Almost Heaven"?

Oh gosh...

There isn't a plane from here to there. It's a 3 1/2 drive. I guess the event lasts to the 9TH?


I'm only strong in the hopes that I can be.

And no I can't guess what SFTS stands for. SF Terrapin Station

Listen for the secret

My mistake. I thought you were living in Cali.

If you're only 3 1/2 hr drive you ought to be on your way then. Not the 9th - the 5th. Last-night (8/2) was the early bird. Tonight (8/3), tommorrow (8/4), and Sunday (8/5) is the main event.

BTW, this channel has a great video for that song you posted.

You got the riddle I left you last week, nearly right the first time. San Fransisco Titty Sucker. lol.

Well it's back to the farm for the rest of the weekend. Have a safe and happy one, everybody.

There's no mistake

Mendo is 3 1/2 hours north of SF. If I owed a private plane I could fly to SF, otherwise it's ground transportation.

9TH is when Jerry passed, so I would think from the 1ST to the 9TH would be appropo. Today I'm baking, tomorrow I'm cleaning chicken coops, and Sunday I'm cantor and working the Famous Catholic Chicken BBQ (I'm baking four Mexican Cheese cakes now, made Porteguese Bread eariler).

But, I will put it on my calender for next year.

Happy farming!

TXRedNeck...Thank You from Another Texan

Beautiful...touching...sad and true. Thank you so much for posting and I hope many listen.

(also born in Tx (Wichita Falls) grew up and went to high school and college in Dallas). California now.